Haiti Elections - By Arrêté présidentiel, Martelly invites the population to go out and vote on 26 October

Haiti President Michel Martelly has just an Executive Order (Arrêté présidentiel) to inviet Haitian voters to go out and vote in this year's elections set for 26 October 2014. on that day, the people will elect two thirds of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputees is to have 112 members

This Executive Order came out after attempts of dialogue between President Martelly and the Senators have failed.

"The Executive is tired of making concessions, it is time for action," Porte-Parole Lucien Jura said during the press conference at the National Palace

These elections also include the municipal councils (konsey municipal yo, KAZEK, AZEK, Délégué de ville) and communal assemblies (asanble kominal yo) which are set to be held on 28 Nov 2014.

These elections will be based on the the electoral law (lwa elektoral) which was voted by the chamber of Deputees and still awaiting a senate decision as required by the El Rancho accord, Jura said

Although the president has issued this executive order, Jura says, he is still open for discussions.

What do you think about this?

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Ernest says...

good work with the G5 I believe something positive will be

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Bonito says...

It's interesting and by no means funny when a president chooses to take on the role of the almighty to govern by decree/executive order.

An autocracy is not a democracy even when you paint it pink. It's lipstick on a pig. It's an insult and a provocation to anyone with any sense of self worth.

The legislative branch ie the senators and the deputies along with the people ie all of us folks without power which they represent are being ridiculed.

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Belluck Previlon says...

President Msrtelly se ou menn kap dirije w pa ki kitew palemante sa yo ki pap reglew anyen pou pep la se ou menn ki vini kom sove pa okipew yo kontinye travay Bondye ap gidew nan twout ss wap fe ki bon pou peyi a genyen yon le kap rive pap genyen mize ni grsngou President Bondye

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Clif Simon says...

C la Michel Matelly t bezwen rive poul T K mete senate yo deyo nan koze konsey elektoral pa bon kap pale a
Sak pwal pase yo pwal pi

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Depi hier, map plede tande ke pèp Haitien an "convoqué en ses comices" mande-m sa-l vle di...

Sa pa tout Haitien ki pale Francais non mezanmi...

Mwen oblije a fouye pou-m konnen kisa Le Comices la vle di.

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Le Porte-Parole de la Présidence confirme la signature de l'arrêté présidentiel convoquant le peuple en ces comices.

Le Président Michel Martelly invite les citoyens à se rendre aux urnes le 26 octobre pour les élections législatives et 28 décembre pour les élections

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Subject: Haiti Elections - By Arrete presidentiel, Martelly invites the population to go out and vote on 26 October edit

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