Haiti Elections 2014

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Haiti - 2nd Round Presidential Elections Scheduled for April 24th 2016, IF ALL goes well...

Haiti Palais Nationale - 2 Men Nan Tet Haiti Elections Update -- The agreement signed by now former President Michel Martelly and the two presidents of the Senate and Chamber of Deputes set the second round presidential elections for April 24th, 2016... If everything goes according to plan the newly elected president of Haiti is to be installed on May 14. more »

FLASH: Haiti - 2 Senators demand BOYCOTT of Elections Sunday

Haiti President Martelly and Senator Evaliere Beauplan Haiti Elections Update -- Senators Evaliere Beauplan and Fritz Carlos Lebon demand the full BOYCOTT of Election-Day Sunday 24 January 2016... These senators call for civil disobedience by the people of Haiti... more »

Haiti Election Day - Voting Officially Closes at 4pm, Vote Counts Begin in some Voting Centers

Haiti Elections Bulletins de Vote 2015 Haiti Election Update - Voting has officially closed at 4pm Sunday, many voting centers are waiting for all voters already inside the premises to finish voting so that the vote counts can begin... more »

Haiti Electoral Council Submits Electoral Calendar to President Martelly

PHOTO: Haiti Election Ballot - A voter votes for Martelly in the 2010 Presidential Elections The Haitian Electoral Council (CEP) has submitted the definitive electoral calendar to president Michel Martelly... The Haitian government welcomed the submission electoral calendar, Communication Minister Rotchild Francois Jr. said... more »

Haiti - President Martelly Gives 24 Hour Notice for New CEP Candidates

Haiti Election 2014 - La Marche Ver Les Election Haiti President Michel Martelly has issued a 24 hour notice to nine (9) sectors of Haitian society to come up with names of candidates for the formation of the new Electoral council CEP... Read this note from the office of the President... more »

Haiti 3 Branches of Government sign agreement, Lawmakers mandate extended

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly ak Senatè Simon Desras ap bay la main A new political accord has been signed between Haiti's executive, legislative and judicial branches of government extending the mandate of the Haitian Senators and Deputes with the condition that the senators vote the electoral law so that elections can be held finally in the country... more »

Haiti President Martelly Installs Advisory Committee to Assist in Final Decision of the Political Consultations

PHOTO: Pres. Martelly - Investiture des membres de la Commission Consultative Haitian Michel Martelly proceeded, Monday 01 December, to the installation of the members forming the advisory committee to assist him in making the final decision as to which direction to take after political consultations carried out from 22 September to 24 November 2014... more »

Haiti President Martely officially ends political consultations

President Martelly meets President Rene Preval at the Palace Haiti president Michel Martelly officially ended Monday the two-month long political consultations. For the last two months President Martelly spoke to various sectors in the country. Many impatiently await the outcome of these consultations... more »

Haiti - President Martelly invite Opposition political parties for the 3rd time...

Haiti Caricature - President Martelly sou Train li, Mirlande Manigat ak Moise Jean Charles kanpe nan mitan wout li... Haiti president Michel Martelly is making a 3rd attempt to meet with the political parties of the opposition... This time, the meeting is due to happen on Wednesday November 19, 2014, at the Karibe Convention Center around 11:00 am... more »

NO Elections in Haiti - Whose Fault is it REALLY?

Haiti Caricature - Senatè Moise Jean Charles ak President Martelly ap negosye, Tonton Sam ap veye yo LOL... In Haiti these days, everyone in politics is talking, or should I say AFRAID that, come 12 Janvier 2015, the Haitian Senate will become "Caduque" (invalid) and President Michel Martelly will rull by decree... All this will happen because there are NO elections in Haiti... I hate to ask but whose fault is it REALLY that there are NO elections in Haiti??? more »