President Michel Martelly Statement Regarding Death of Depute Dionald Polyte

Haiti President Michel Martelly has just released a statement about the death of Haitian congressman Dionald Polyte.

Michel Martelly After Haiti Election Day 2010

Here is the official statement:

Port-au-Prince, Monday, July 25, 2011: President of the Republic, HE Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly, learned, in amazement, the announcement this Monday, July 25 shooting death of the MP for the constituency of Beaumont / Pestel , Dionald Polyte, in circumstances not yet clear.

The Head of State expresses its sincere condolences to his family, his colleagues of the 49th Legislature, his relatives and friends and the people of Beaumont / Pestel.

The President took the opportunity to ask, again, the police and judicial authorities to conduct an investigation to determine the circumstances in which the MP was killed and to follow up on this case.

The President of the Republic reiterates its faith in the establishment of a society built on the principles of the rule of law and respect for the human person and committed again to ensure peace and security for the benefit of all citizens.

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Tan Nou Pase Band Rebel says...

i am from pestel, dional ap lutte pou li

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Yolanda Pabon says...

Do not comment on this case yet without knowing the facts Tiba. I thought that you were slightly smarter than Martelly but it is not the case.
Dimwitted Martelly just commented on the case and equated it as an accident.How does he know it is an accident?

As the president of Haiti he should not make any comment on an ongoing criminal investigation.

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Frerot says...

MICHEL MARTELLY KILL DIONALD POLITE because he desn't want to vote for his prime minister that's the reason .Michewl martelly is only lying to every body he is

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Tiba says...

It's a death that should have NOT happened.

It doesn't really need a crime expert from the US, France, or Canada to go down to Haiti in that intense hellish sun heat to investigate the killing of Dional.

It could have been avoided, prevented if his body guarde was a professional.

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Gabby says...

Can't wait for the full story to be revealed.

I don't see how your body guard accidentally shoot you. Were they being attacked or was he just playing with the gun?

Regardless, that sounds pretty uncanny.and suspicious.

Irrespective he was a INITE thug/thief, my condolences to his family, especially his

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

President Michel Martelly Statement is okay, but my is better.

Go to hell M-OTHER_FUC-KER, will not F*U*C*K with the people any more.
Many more to go.
God will take them down if they don't do they job one by one.
I don't care how they go

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