Assassination Attempt on Haiti President Michel Martelly

BREAKING NEWS - Gunmen linked to Attack on Martelly - Video evidence suggest that the incident surrounding Haitian president Michel Martelly in Cap-Haitien this past Sunday was an Assassination attempt.

Assassination Attempt On Haiti President Martelly

President Martelly may know who is responsible for this assassination attempt

Here is the translation from French Quid pro quo from ...

"President Martelly described as "assassination attempt" the throwing stones and bottles against his motorcade in the neighborhood of Shada, Cap-Haitien Sunday, July 24.

President Michel Martelly made this declaration at the microphone of a correspondent of Radio Galaxie in Gonaïves.

He [President Martelly] said a video showed a man with an M-1 rifle from the attackers.

Before this statement, the entourage of Martelly had initially downplayed the incident. But the speech seems to have changed and the president has even said he knows who did it.

By the say... among the 30 people detained Monday by police in Cap-Haitien, one of them held an M-1 rifle.

The holder of this M-1 rifle is an ex-convict employed by Parliament."


Huh... I don't know what else to add to this or what is the right question to ask so I will leave it up to you to say what you think..

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Former Presidents and Chiefs of State of Haiti   Maryse Narcisse and the Jalousie slum bordering the city of Petionville   Haiti Parti Politik PHTK - Vive Martelly   PHOTO: Haiti - Maryse Narcisse, President Michel Martelly   PHOTO: Haiti Election Ballot - A voter votes for Martelly in the 2010 Presidential Elections   PHOTO: Florence Duperval Guillaume - Haiti ministre de la Santé publique et de la Population   PHOTO: Haiti - Youri Latortue   PHOTO: Haiti - Manifestation Nan Gonaives, 13 Decembre 2014  

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Jean Ciceron Charlot Char says...

No speculation, let us wait and see.Because, many think the president is giving advantages to the rich, and does not have any regard for the

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Kenold Pierre says...

This is a shame.

Our prez needs more and bigger security.

well trained guys with good tactics.

Cap-Haitien can be very difficult to control .I remember Jean-Claude used to have Guys from the "corps des leopards on every balcony when he visited the north metropole.

this is not a joke .The prez needs to order a serious investigation on this matter and put all these tugs behind bars for

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Marleine says...

Mr. Martelly ne devrait prendre ces attentats aux serieux.

Vous avez deux

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Morel, Aristide merite boule'e ak tout't Preval.

Neg sa yo ap fe peyi'ya mechans'te anpil.


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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...


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Morel says...

Nou nan dyaspora a, menm jan nou te

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Harold Fleurine says...

To avoid that happend again, I want to see what action should the government taking about that situation, and what example should their take to avid that happend

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Gabby says...

This is more clear than crystal my people.

The non-ratification of a prime minister after nearly three months of President Martelly's inauguration is not by accident.

They want to assassinate him without a PM in place, so whoever the Haitian constitution authorizes to be third in power can take over, which I have no doubt is someone from the majority of the parliament (those thugs

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Myrtho says...

There was no need for the incident that happened on Sunday.

It is very sad to see that people are not eager to contribute for any change in Haiti.

An assassination attempt on any individual is a serious crime.

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Mm says...

Dans tout gouvernement il y a pour et s'agit

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