Rocks Thrown At President Martelly In Cap-Haitien - True Or False?

Incident OR Conspiracy? -- President Michel Maretelly visited Cap-Haitien Sunday July 25 2011 and rumor has it that rocks were thown at the presidential motorcade while entering the city.

Michel Martelly Campaigning In Cap Haitien

What really happened?

One of the possibilities is becoming a conspiracy theory...

The official statement:

Herold Israel, Spokesperson and Director of Communication for president Michel Martelly says YES there was a minor incident however NO ROCKS were thrown directly at the president.

There was a crowd following the presidential motorcade, Herold Israel says, and some bottles were thrown at the crowd and not at the President.

NOTE: At the time of the incident, the president was on foot... The news report suggest that the president had decided to walk from the Cap-Haitien airport into the city of Cap-Haitien...

One official was interviewed on Haitian radio, he says that President Martelly is not campaigning anymore and has no business walking on foot in Cap-Haitien, especially on certain neighborhoods.

Here is the conspiracy part...

The radio station interviewer asked the official whether he had heard rumors that some members of the Haitian parliament from the North of Haiti put together this little incident... That is was politically motivated.


Will you go with the official statement from the spokesperson of President Martelly or will you go with the conspiracy theory?

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Martine Civil says...

It is best to be wise than feeling sorry! any way thank's for sharing your knowledge I have learned something that I did not

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Kenold, the only remedy it's to get them first before they get you.
True assassins "sharp shooter in special force you don't have a chance" always

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Julien, very soon you will find out why.
Hold tight bumpy ride ahead.

I hope you are ready, and you are not fragile like

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Kenold Pierre says...

Martine; Bullet proof vest is noting if they want to shot someone in Haiti .We have lots of sharp shooters in the country, I know that for fact, because my grand father and my father was good like that.

They both used to be trainers, I know people who can shoot a needle or a lighted candle.

we better pray for him every day because his too big to be missed .In haiti they can shoot you without seen where the bullet come from .So dear Martine you need to learn a little more about haiti because in the Ex-F.A.D.H principaly guys from Palais, Corps des Leopards and Casernes need only one bullet to cary an act like that without a

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Elcie says...

se pa ti sa a Aritid pa ta fe. gin le ou pa infome de aristid.

li bay prop parin-n pitit li pou li te rete an haiti ou pa we ke yo pran li mim-m jan an. Aritid ginyin min-l nan anpil zak an haiti.

yon sel bagay pou yo pa bliye pitit tig se tig. moin pat pou matelli paske jan de music li li joue yo a.

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Martine Civil says...

it is time now that our president need to where bullet proof if he decided to walk by foot he is risking his life.

Haiti is not so yet democratic for him to exposed himself.

President please be very

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Vanessa Maillim says...

You are 100% correct.

He is a swindler, a con artist, a thief an assassins for baby

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Bibi says...


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Jean Ciceron Charlot Char says...

"Plot no wrong against your brothers, and those who live at peace with

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Julie, it's was a

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