There was no need for the incident that happened on Sunday. It...

Myrtho - July 27 2011, 7:54 AM

There was no need for the incident that happened on Sunday.

It is very sad to see that people are not eager to contribute for any change in Haiti.

An assassination attempt on any individual is a serious crime.

If the president knows and can identify the culprits, an arrest order must be made against those brainless who got pay a few dollars to do the dirt work of their patrons.

Since most of the time those brainless are lacking of not only an education but also a job, the President should create employment trainings qualifying them to work as streets cleansers, garbage collectors, and civilian watch dogs to provide citizens' security.

It is time for people to understand that the President cannot in that short period of time satisfy everyone needs while it took more than eight years for his predecessors to accomplice nothing.

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