Mirlande Manigat Speaks Out About The Prime Minister Ratification Issue

Former Haiti first lady and presidential Candidate Mirlande Manigat spoke out yesterday about the problem of NO government in Haiti. "It's the people who are suffering, the former first lady says."

Mirlande Manigat

It's been two months and still Haiti has no government. Mirlande Manigat says the presidency and the legislators need to find a way to establish a government in Haiti.

I was tyring to find her official statement online, I couldn't find it anywhere...

What do you think about this?

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Fox Palin says...

Martelly is the continuity of the Duvaliers' regimes.

His prime minister's choise has proved once again that he would resurrect the Duvalierists and Marie Laurence Mother Pig would still be around in another position.

She is a political pimp and she can sleep with anyone to get her job back. Haiti sucks and the rich are

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Ronald Altieri says...

Dear Madam,

With all due respect, you are known as a Constitutional Scholar with various diplomas from well known universities, and you also teach Constitutional Law in the Haitian Universities.

Where were you when all that fiasco was taken place with our constitution.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x, it's seems since your return from Benin, you improve just little bit.
You are right about her, but one mistake, she is not a Duvalierist.

Please take note of

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Agent-x says...

This lady has no legitimacy and decorum like Michel Martelly.

What to expect from a Duvalierist like her. All of them are shameless opportunists that respect no laws, no consensus and agreement.

She prove it during the elections.

She is a traitor now she is paying dearly for her treachery.

Kote dlo a va pi frais ce ladans nou va

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Mr. Ann Jerry Jerome says...

What Mirlande said make sense, we need to start putting the Haitian people needs first and forget about all these nonsense going on.no wonder why every said only Francois Duvalier could guide us, because we are stupide and very ignorant nation.Most of these guys in the parliament doesn't have a clue about democracy and so far I don't think our President knows it either.it's simply a damn shame after 204 years of not knowing the truth about how to govern a country like Haiti.

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Lino says...

Mwen panse Haiti ka mache san premier minis
sa se yon leson pou president an ka we ki kote li kanpe ak ban palmante mahan peyi sa yo li ka kon pran n ke se yon ban n patri poche yo ye yo pa patriot se sa ki fe yo ampeche peyi a mache.mwen ta rinmin pou presiden pa neglige arete moun kap vole lajan peyi a vole lajan leta se vole tankou tout

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Jean Ciceron Charlot Charlemagne says...

The country of Haiti is a land of great perplexity.

The simplest layman makes it easy premium account from its observations.

Deficiencies are spread everywhere.

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Letat Haitian. says...

Dieu dois punir les voleurs Gouse Pasquet Christine Nadal Notaire
Brison Casagnol serons arete selon la lois, voleurs dun terain de letat Haitian et vendue pour $ 300.000.00

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Victor Manuel Guerrero says...

La ONG Internacional UNICREDEC, propone a Mirlande Manigat, como primera ministra de Haiti, ella debe axceptarlo para que ayude a Martelly a hacer el primer gobierno para el pueblo de

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Garry Destin says...

Everyone is an expert.

If it was her, there would have been a government already because she belong in the same group the has put Haiti in the situation.

Aristide would be a prime minister together they would put haitians in one brass shoe and make sure that the UN finish them up.
So maniga ap pale kacarel

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