It's a death that should have NOT happened. It doesn't really...

Tiba - July 26 2011, 7:00 PM

It's a death that should have NOT happened.

It doesn't really need a crime expert from the US, France, or Canada to go down to Haiti in that intense hellish sun heat to investigate the killing of Dional.

It could have been avoided, prevented if his body guarde was a professional.

The Haitian government is a "mom's-and-pop's" company where everyone in the government or everyone with the least connection/job is a relative or a close friend regardless whether the person can read or not, or is competent, or a professional or not.

I am sure this bodyguard was either a family member or a close friend who can barely read, and therefore, has no idea how to carry/hold a weapon/fire arm.

Here's what/how it happened.

The bodyguard was riding with Dional in the vehicle, and as usual, holding the weapon carelessly sideways or on his laps while the vehicle was moving on a bumpy road (we all know full well what Haiti's bumpy roads are like), these are the roads that shake up your entire intestinal track and cause you to throw up, and the weapon just go off and hit Dional.

AS long as these government officials keep hiring their relatives and close friends for their protection and to run the day-to-day operation of the government, knowing fully these people have no qualification, experience, and the skills, more of them will die and Haiti will never go farward.

This has been the experience for the past 5 decades.

Haiti is the only dmb country on the planet where its people/citizens keep doing the same things and expect different results, and they are to dumb and stupid to understand this is what's called "INSANITY."

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