President Martelly is a political novice, Is that the problem?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Every time I read the news about the political situation in Haiti, the media keep saying that Martelly is a political novice. Is this the reason for the political stalemate in Haiti?

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Haitians have been complaining for a long time that Haitian politics and corruption are the a core problem in Haiti. Haitian politicians have no goals for Haiti, short term or longterm. Many argue that the average Haitian politician only cares about their pockets.

My question is:

If expert politicians brought Haiti where it is now, is it GOOD or BAD to be a novice politician in Haiti?

Who are the EXPERT politicians of Haiti?

Have the EXPERT Haitian politicians made Haiti better or worse?

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Any, you deserve a dozen kisses.

Recieve all of them true your PC with a smile.

Duvalier knew the wildness of Haitians of all kind.
Nowaday we are even worse than

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Any says...

I believe Baby dock is in haiti right now. He can take care of the country the same ways they did before.

As haitian we like a dunkies who need baton pou nou mache.That is why the Duvalier are the best for the country.even thought I always said that but I will said that I quote Josy we need the country to get back on his feet like in the sevenies and

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Romel Pierre-lys says...

With all due respect to the above comment, i dont think MM is the problem.

We have 16 terrorists who just hijacked the haitian people.

These guys dont think country, they realize if they approve any Martelly's pick for Prime Minister, they will not be able to cash in every month.

This is the issue and i do believe that these so called Senators have an agenda even before Martelly took

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Elisabeth says...

Well said Josy maybe we need to find a way to help the president
About fan club or some type of association around the

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Josy says...

I know one thing for sure, and it is the power of intention.

President Michel Martelly has good intentions, and is street smart.

He has been helping people, but never pat himself on the back and is very generous toward the poor. He has good intentions, and will succeed.

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Ken Morancy says...

Former President Luiz Ignacio Da Silva (Lula) had plenty of experiences before he became president of Brazil.

It is true he did not graduate from high school but, often people failed to realized or mentioned that the man Lula was working for years in organizing workers in Brazil.

Additionally, he lost several presidential elections before he finally won one. That allowed him to reform himself, moderate his views (remember Aristide) and sharpen his message and his leadership skills.Some of Martelly backers use the Lula example as an excuse to support him. They were wrong then, they are wrong now and will be wrong in the future.

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Ken Morancy says...

I beleive now president Martelly is the problem.

He ascended to the presidency of Haiti without any academic preparations and polical experiences.

He is ill-prepared, arrogant and talkative.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Blog manager, go F U C K yourself with you useless questions.

You need be hang like an animal, remove your skin off from head to

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Josy says...

MR. MAX MILLS: How about the former President of Brazil?

He did not even graduate High School, and Brazil is doing great.

Are you one of the pitbull?

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Max Mills says...

For your good information josy President Obama was a Senator he wasn't pick on the road like president Martelly .Same for Mrs Clinton, after they put them in their respective position some others have to vote in to replace them in the parliament.

Mc Cain returned to his position as normal so did the others who were in the campaign for

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