Former President Luiz Ignacio Da Silva (Lula) had plenty of...

Ken Morancy - August 6 2011, 5:00 PM

Former President Luiz Ignacio Da Silva (Lula) had plenty of experiences before he became president of Brazil.

It is true he did not graduate from high school but, often people failed to realized or mentioned that the man Lula was working for years in organizing workers in Brazil.

Additionally, he lost several presidential elections before he finally won one. That allowed him to reform himself, moderate his views (remember Aristide) and sharpen his message and his leadership skills.Some of Martelly backers use the Lula example as an excuse to support him. They were wrong then, they are wrong now and will be wrong in the future.

Haitians now have to figure out a way to make lemonage with a lemon and no sugar.

That is kind of hard, dont you think?

Some people might say it is highly unlikely.

Statistics do not lie, it is a matter of probability not possibibly.

That's where Haitians always get it wrong.

If you think or believe president Martelly will have a lot of success like Lula, please don't hold your breath or bet your life on it.

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