I know one thing for sure, and it is the power of intention...

Josy - August 6 2011, 5:31 PM

I know one thing for sure, and it is the power of intention.

President Michel Martelly has good intentions, and is street smart.

He has been helping people, but never pat himself on the back and is very generous toward the poor. He has good intentions, and will succeed.

He might not be able to undo over 25 years damages in one term, but will do his best and might be able to get Haiti the way it was under the Duvalier.

It might take several terms, and others to bring the country to the 21st century.

The Haiti I grew up in for the first 15 years of my life had electricity, phone, paved roads, and security.

I never felt unsafe when I walked the street, and it will be a great accomplishment if he can bring it back to 1985/1986.

I do not expect everybody to like President Martelly, but he is our president and we must work with him. President Obama has a lot of ennemis, and have been referred to as a "boy" or "tar kid".

He remains focused, and is doing his job. He walked into a huge mess made by President Bush, and now they are blaming him for it. President Michel Martelly did not destroyed the country, and he only wants to help his people.

He has money, and is doing very well. He does not need the stress, and is willing to put his life on the line to help Haiti.

I admire him, and have faith in him. I also know he is a man, and not GOD. Welch Walessa also was an ordinary worker who put Poland on the world map, and I want to take a chance with President Martelly.

Haiti for the first time in history used a social media like Facebook to campaign, and communicate with regular citizens.

I want to give him a chance, and he needs time. I do not want to be a hater, and the USA finally has a half black president.

YES, HE CAN govern Haiti.

I want to send positive thoughts to President Martelly, and the country.

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