Amazed/Stunned. You dont know much about a parliamentary...

Ken Morancy - August 6 2011, 5:35 PM


You dont know much about a parliamentary system.

I suggest you look a little deeper and realize that Mr martelly is the one building the barriers.

I think that calling someone terrorist because they disagree with an arrogant, talkative and so far incompetent president is not the way to go. Indeed, it is foolish, Papa doc Duvalier use the call his political adversaries Kamokin.

He villifyed them and ran them out of the country.The fianl result were a dictorship, rampant corruption and Haiti and the Haitians pere are where they are because of those actions.

Martelly is following the wrong examples.You need to be PRO-Haiti and not Pro-Martelly.

I would remind you that the president wear his pants like everyone else. He put them on ONE LEG AT A TIME. As long this is true, he needs to work with everyone and listen to the other side. I am not holding my breath because you have to be wise, smart and patient to do these thing.

Do you think president Martelly is Wise or patient.

Dont hold your breath dude.

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