MR. MAX MILLS: How about the former President of Brazil? He...

Josy - August 5 2011, 12:17 AM

MR. MAX MILLS: How about the former President of Brazil?

He did not even graduate High School, and Brazil is doing great.

Are you one of the pitbull?

Where were you before the election?

You are so educated, and should have ran against President Martelly.

You are now sitting behind your computer in your ac home with your belly full of "poule orgeuil", and talking crap. The chickens are not kosher, or halal and are suffocated so the blood remains in the flesh.

We call them poule orgeuil, and GOD bless America.

You do not even have a Haitian name, and should keep your mouth shut. President Michel Martelly is not just a bum, and came from a good family.

Please do not bother with a reply, and I do not feel like dealing with your stupidity.

Go eat some more dead chickens, and drink some kool aid fool.

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