Sweet Micky should let Michel Martelly be the president

Friends of President Martelly are criticising him by sugesting that his stage alter ego, Sweet Micky, thinks he is in power... Here is what I read:

President Michel Martelly And Haiti Police Chief Mario Andresol

here is a quote from article posted on economist.com:

His friends [Friends of President Michel Martelly] say that while he is hard-working and a good listener, he is still adjusting to the demands of governing. "Sweet Micky should let Michel Martelly be the president," says one of them.


How do you interpret this statement: "Sweet Micky should let Michel Martelly be the president"

Reply with your comments

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Eddy M Lanoue says...

In the contrary, Michel Martelly should let Sweet Micky be President.The Sweet Micky that we all knew, will tell the 16 Senators " Messie Suspend Fait KAKA Avek Peuple La" Colanget ManMan NOU

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Michael says...

N'ap salye tout Ayisyen ki branche sou rezon a maten an. Mwen

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Colette says...

Everybody's got an opinion.

The Haitian people elected (by an overwhelming majority!!!) Michel Martelly to the Presidency; why can't everyone just back the hell up and allow the guy to do his job?

Its the same stupidity I see going on in the USA. President Obama can't do anything right, according to the Repugs and now he's being blamed for everything that's wrong under the sun. Imagine having that kind of clout!!

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Bernadette says...

The Haitian people are not innocent bystanders.

The wittingly and knowingly voted for Sweet Micky/Michel J. Martelly.

That was their choice by whatever percentage he happened to win. Nobody cried fraud then and now we have to forever hold our peace.

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Ken Morancy says...

I recently read the result of a 50-75 years scientific study that followed overly optimistic people versus persimistic people.

It turn out optimistics people make more awfull mistakes, die younger and tend to be unrealistic than persimistic people.Why?

Persimistic people think critically more often than optimistic people, thus tend to make less mistake.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

You are a very smart dude to see these guys potentials, specially Charles Henry Baker.

Martelly's head is hard like the old canon ball in the 1800 hundred's.
He will learn in the hard way, i am sorry for his punk A S

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Harold Fleurine says...



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Muile574 At Yahoo.com says...

I suspected that too. I think he Sweet Micky is still roling with the entertainment attitude, and mentality.

While I understand "Transition/Transitioning" is hard, but his advisors have to do a much better job training him and help him through this difficult

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Charles Jim says...

one things i know sweet micky, are not the president michel martelly.

this a artist name and music, but the president now is martelly, from the old time francais duvalier no one cant do that, because of the will be kill. so now president martelly have to take things very series to this nation before is to

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