Haiti Senator Joseph Lambert: Why Gousse Was Rejected?

Haitian Senator Joseph Lambert says the reason Bernard Gousse was rejected as prime minister of Haiti is because...


Senator Lambert says: "We have to have a prime minister who is able to talk to all sectors and has not been accused of human rights violations..."


Senator Lambert says: "We want to vote for a new government to address the population's urgent problems."


Senator Joseph Lambert is the leader of the INITE Party, which controls parliament.


Do you think Senator Joseph Lambert's reason holds water?

Do you think the senator and his team are loyal to themselves, their political party, or the people of the Republic of Haiti?

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Kalamber says...

What is going on cutie?

The sad thing is that you have 15 baby cuties like you who will grow up thinking they should be senators.

We will not judge them by appearance but by substance, and mister you have either.

I heard that you are thinking of becoming a rapper, let me know when your video is coming out SUPERSTAR

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Li Ak We Se 2 says...

Min meznmi gin de bagay pou mun tande nan la vi sa'a
cheke sa yun marke sou net la kap couri bwi nan la ria
Herve Matthieu Says...

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Herve Matthieu says...

Min yun nouvel kap kouri sou net la ak tout radio nan peyia
Madan titid dako poul mete kol soukote pou titid ka al pran bagay par lambert
Senate lamber achte yun bag $10.000 US pou

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Aprenn Komprenn says...

En parcourant l'internet on se rend compte que la presse Haitienne a deja les dossiers de plusieurs senateurs qui dans un passe tres recent ont ete meles a la corruption, les assassinats, la violence politique et la drogue.

En se servant des rapports de la presse Haitienne on decouvre le profil de cinq senateurs qui font l'actualite et qui gardent en otage le processus democratique d'Haiti au nom de la continuite de la corruption.

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Ka Lambe says...

pardonem mwem se yun moun ki terriblemen malad
gadem byen wa wem pa byen
Mwen Gin Siphilis Nan Djol Mwen Epi Cervom Gin

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Sesalye says...

This is what happens when you are are able to walk and talk with cholera of the brain.

Take a good look, and see what happens to those who are suffering from the late stage of brain cholera.

Vote this disease out of office and sanitize the place.

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Kenson says...

plus, we are tired of the Senates.

pls give a chance to our country.

it is time to move forward.

it is no longer time to fight for power.

too much suffering in Haiti.

i beg you dear senetors.

let President Martely

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Joseph Lambert says...

them people haiti who in the power the all are preval son that s why they hold the country like ones again i think those guy dont have dad and mam i realy dont know how get in my

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Doubletranchant says...

These guys they need money.That is all they care about, probably there were no bribery offered.

I will understand if someelse says that but not Joseph Lambert.

Joseph is not a dependable person...you can check his past. He was involved in so many bad deals.The only reason Joseph Lambert is not behind bar is because the justice system in haiti is too weak and

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Fred, as a professional i never and will put down a profession.

You take the wrong way about what i said.
I was a janitor when i was 13 years old to by my first dirt bike"motocross" in

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