Racism In The Haitian Senate - The Blacks Vs The Affranchis!

Haiti Politics - Class and Skin Color - There seems to be a class and color war going on in the Haitian senate. President Michel Martelly, the light skin President, may be facing a tough opposition from some if his Black brothers in the senate.

Collapsed Haitian Parliament Building - Palais Legislatif

This is not a joke...

It's sad to admit this and it is not funny...

Haitian senator Edwin Zenny said in an article released by Radio Kiskeya yesterday that the struggle in the heart of politics in Haiti is a strugle of "class and color."

Three Senators names are mentioned in this controversy and on the opposite side of Edwin Zenny:

  1. Senator Joseph Lambert,
  2. his brother, Senator Wencesclass Lambert,
  3. and Senator Moise Jean-Charles.

The controversy...

Senator Moise Jean-Charles called Senator Edwin Zenny an "Affranchi" and Zenny is pissed!

A little Haitian history: An affranchi is an old French term use as a name or designation for an emancipated slave... the RACIST part of the term "Affranchi" is that roughly half of the affranchis were gens de couleur libres (freed people of mixed race).

Senator Edwin Zenny says: "Senator Moise Jean-Charles treats me of Affranchis and agitates the question of color, while former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Rene Preval both married mulattoes."


What is that all about?

Epa se zafe couler moun yo ap jere nan sena-a? Nou mele!

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

They came twice already, too bad for your wish.
The first time, i forgot to renew my papers and they come and took them until my paper is in order.

The second time was a mistake because of a new rat in the town.
You can get some guns too if you wish, becareful if you have kids unless you teach them the danger.

Maybe one day i will invite you in a hunting

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Doubletranchant, what can you do beside talking?

What can you do for Haiti?

Can you pull a trigger against any of them?

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Sargeant Battle. says...

The police will come to arrest you tomorrow for illegal possession of firearms.

It is better you to surrender to the nearest police precinct instead for the police to use considerable manpower to come to get you because your bail will be very

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Yvette Lamerci says...

de pi oubyen 3 mwa ou 4 mwa de sa, yon moun di ke jan pierre Aleksann semble ak yon asasen pou jan li paler.

Sa kab se verite paske aleksan toujou ape pale de zam e tiye moun. ampil ancien makout ki te kon fai gros crime en haiti pale tan kouli.

ampil nan kriminel sa yo manger kakayo avant yo

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Paule,"i guess if you have an opportunity to launch a M1 riffle bullet in him".You will?

Word of advise in case.You will need to modify that bullet to do four jobs at ounce in the same time, ricin injection, barnes buster 99.95% pure copper, flesh tearing, deviation

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Doubletranchant says...

These idiots in the senate like Joseph Lambert and his brother have nothing left to think about or to say.I want to tell you again Joseph Lambert is not a dependable person and it is not only him, there are a bunch of other ones in the group.

These guys do not like anything on their way.They will kill, kidnap and trap. These guys once they eat everyday, they have a car and use all kind of tricks to make money, that is all they care about.

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Paule says...

ou vle dim aristid se yon afranchi li ye li pye to kob pey ya kounye ya, yo paka tye aristid, aristid vini komande peyi ca enko pa gen moun'n haiti kote duvalierist yo sakap pace

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Luko Adjaffi says...

God said all men are created equal...

so haiti ..need the love of brother hood to solve the political
problems ...to the avencement of our future.

in this

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Bernadette says...

A country where racism does not exist is not part of this planet.

The whitest looking whites on this Globe are still running for this ever elusive bluest eyes, most elongated bone structure and that blondest hair. Hitler never left and race propaganda is pursuing its course still.

Latin or Mediterranean looking whites are not any better at it than their Aryan brothers.

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Franck says...

Il faut admettre que la question de couleur est
bien vivante en Haiti.L'affaire de la premiere princesse
du pays, la fille de l'empereur Dessalines, une negresse et du general Alexandre Petion, un

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