A country where racism does not exist is not part of this...

Bernadette - August 11 2011, 8:14 PM

A country where racism does not exist is not part of this planet.

The whitest looking whites on this Globe are still running for this ever elusive bluest eyes, most elongated bone structure and that blondest hair. Hitler never left and race propaganda is pursuing its course still.

Latin or Mediterranean looking whites are not any better at it than their Aryan brothers.

Throughout Human History people have always used race and or religion to perpetuate class struggles.

Gender issues are parallel to class struggles as it relates to economic injustice; Women are in a unique situation as they are being forced to share a bed with their enemies (men) in order to continue the human race in a systemic fashion (the institution of marriage).

Can the situation change?

Yes, but it will require almost a divine intervention...An economic intervention that has nothing to do with the present one and is based on a premise that has true EQUALITY for all, not made by the present players alone.

(The bottom line is always money).

Economic equality lessen the need for sexual selection to produce the "desired" type and in turn reduce hate and animosity.

Haiti is not immune to the rest of the world.

The same pattern follows there from very light to very dark skinned through the intrinsic Haiti's History, social fabric and economics.

Racism is rampant in Haiti.

As a little girl in Haiti, I had rocks thrown at me many times and slurs like "Dessalines pa vle ouais Blan" were very common to my childhood experience.

I could not walk down streets in my community alone because other kids (dark skinned) always wanted to fight kids like me in the neighborhood.

We just learned to avoid walking into certain places...

It seems like things have not change much in that aspect.

It is a shame that Haitian children cannot be educated on a wholesale basis to help combat social inequality and economic injustice.

Education is the key way out of this whole mess. It is a pity, Haiti is such a beautiful Country.

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