RED ALERT - MINUSTAH Caught Dumping Feces Near Guayamouc River In Hinche Haiti

Sully Hinche Haiti - MINUSTAH has just been caught dumpimg truck loads of their human feces a few meters from the Guayamouc river near Sully, east of Hinche Haiti.

Guayamouc River - Sully (Hinche Haiti)

The residents of Sully are very angry. Area residents are in fear. Many local residents are affraid to take the road that leads that part of Sully where, Alterpresse reports, there is a foul smell coming from the dumped feces.

The fear of another Cholera outbreak!

The Guayamouc river is a large water source for Haiti's central plateau. Guayamouc flows for 113 km from the Massif du Nord, through the central plateau, into the Artibonite River.

Artibonite and Cholera...

You recall the cholera controversy that started in the Artibonite river a year ago don't you?

It started in Mirbalais after feces leaked into the Meille river, then flowed into the Artibonite river infecting every city and town in it's path...


We are still trying to cleanup this mess!

Why would MINUSTAH dump truck loads of feces near a river bed AGAIN in Haiti?

Andre Renard, the mayor of Hinche, calls this "an affront to human dignity."

Haiti's Plateau Central Senator, Franscisco Delacruz, calls this dumping of fecal matters near the Guayamouc river an act of vagabondage.


Haitians are already in fear of cholera and now we hear about truckloads of human waste being dumped further upstream near a large river bed... What message is the UN Stabilization mission (MINUSTAH) trying to send to Haitians in Haiti and around the world?

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All Comments (27)

Vivi says...

Munesta vle di Haysyen se kochon yo mange kaka.Sak fem pi mal toujou, Mately renouvle kontra moun sa yo poul ka pab paye yo kom rekompans eleksyon yo te fourel la nan mwa novam nan. Haysyen pase dlo nan figi nou pou nou ka we pi kle. Sispan mete moun sou pouvwa nan emosyon bel pawol
intelektiel kap tronpe moun sot.koze sa pi red toujou.

tout o tan la mas pa kon li e ekri e infome, nou fek kare pran nan prezidan kap van peyi.

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Selina says...

Since he has gender confusion, I bet you he is a drug addict, alcoholic and not happy with his life condition.

How do you expect him to respect others if he does not have respect for

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Gladys says...

This guy jan pier alexandre is a fa*got**he does not have respect for woman.

He is a sick man. Do not bother your time to reply this

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Micheline, only if you agree to be my B I T C H.
I want you to know i will do you in the A S S cause bayakou cannot have an orgasm with out the feces smells.

You will love it my Bitch to

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Micheline Maitre says...

Why are you complaining Alexander.

You are already a bayacou MUNISTAH will hired you to help with the cleanup.

Go get the cash from MUNISTAH since you could do the

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Mimose, shit is gold if you know how to process and use it as fertilizer to grow food.
Stupid B I T C H if you eat garlic and other food products imported from China, well for your info in China they use shit 75%.

7 years ago i witness how they spread the human feces with top soil in a designated field for garlic in China while i went to a business

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Josy says...

I tried very hard to read your reply, but did not fully get it and am not good with written creole I speak it fluently, so re-write in French or English.

I apologize, and am very sorry about it. If you live here write it in English, and if you are in Haiti write it in

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Wilfrif says...

ki aksion logik nou mem nan diaspora a ta dwe poze apa de fe passe ideologi ou violans?

le nou di sa ki pa fe n kontan bo isia m kwe li fe onkenn diferans alo, ann panse ansam pou fe you bagay ki logik san violans pou you santi ke nou pa

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Solidarite says...

a truly repulsive and shameful act made even more sinister the second time around.

there are a lot of questions to be asked.

i came from canada to teach my trade so that haitians can take back the jobs that are being filled up by foreigners but since coming to haiti i have seen the disgrace that is Minustah and have seen many other NGOs going down the same path. Its time to stand up and take back what is yours.

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Lolo says...

Why President Martelly didn t say anything about it?

I don t understand that.

He should really prove He s so different than those he called " politicians " who never have courage to protest against Minustah.

Now, it seems he s acting like them.

Is there really a difference between him and the previous head of

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