The Haitian people are not innocent bystanders. The wittingly...

Bernadette - August 7 2011, 9:02 PM

The Haitian people are not innocent bystanders.

The wittingly and knowingly voted for Sweet Micky/Michel J. Martelly.

That was their choice by whatever percentage he happened to win. Nobody cried fraud then and now we have to forever hold our peace.

Martelly should be a learning lesson to the people.

The Haitian people have to learn to vote with their head, not with their heart.

We can not throw presidents away as soon as we are unhappy.

We have to learn to deal with them until their term reaches maturity.

Coupe tet boule kaye will not cut it anymore whenever we are unhappy with an elected officials.

Learn to live with it. Next election, try to do better.

The Haitian people have to learn presidential election comes with consequences.

Next time, put a little more thoughts to your presidential choices.

It is too late now. Martelly it is and let us wait and see what he can bring to the table.

In the mean while, Haitian people, calm down and stay behind your Leader.

If anyone has the Haitian people in mind for good, then help them through non-profit organizations, individuals and or family.

There are many ways to help without passing through the political grid.

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