I recently read the result of a 50-75 years scientific study...

Ken Morancy - August 6 2011, 3:55 PM

I recently read the result of a 50-75 years scientific study that followed overly optimistic people versus persimistic people.

It turn out optimistics people make more awfull mistakes, die younger and tend to be unrealistic than persimistic people.Why?

Persimistic people think critically more often than optimistic people, thus tend to make less mistake.

Now I realize why Haiti is a so-called "failed State".

Many Haitians beleive people can transform overnigh(TOO OPTIMISTIC).

That does not happen in real life.Mr. Michel Martelly is having a hard time being president because he is Sweet Micky.That is his true nature.That's who they elected.

While I agree he seem dedicated but, his unwillingness to work with the other side is simply foolish if not sinister.


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