Obama Vs. Martelly - Is CHANGE really POSSIBLE?

Is HAITI Politics any Different than USA Politics? --- Barack Obama ran for Change, Michel Martelly ran for Change, Obama wanted to change Washington, Martelly wants to change Port-au-Prince... How are they doing so far?

Barack Obama And Michel Martelly Haiti Wall Painting

Let's see...

Washington Vs. Port-au-Prince... Round 1...

In Washington, the Republican Party is blocking Obama's every move...

In Haiti, The INITE party is blocking Martelly's very FIRST move [getting the prime minister he wants]

How is Obama doing in the polls?

according to FoxNews.com, A new Gallup poll released Sunday Aug 14 shows that President Barack Obama's approval rating has dropped below 40 percent for the first time ever.

How is Martelly doing in the polls?

Well in Haiti, there are no Gallup polls, but Martelly's tenacity for CHANGE is beginning to translate into an inability to reach out to his adversaries in parliament.


Looking at Obama's approval rating now, considering that everyone who voted for him voted for "CHANGE you can believe in," Do you really believe that Haitian president Michel Martelly can really bring the CHANGE he promised the status quo in Haiti?

Already... Is it NOT obvious that the system he is trying to change is trying to knock him out?

Is CHANGE really POSSIBLE in Haiti?

Reply with your comments

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Chanelle says...

what is wrong with you people?

is dellusion flie of grandeur.

why are comparing this pitiful country with the

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Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine says...

For the most of all, accepting the fact or not both Presidents have to deal with bureaucratic elements who opposed one way or the other.

However, The Senators in Haiti are not defending any code of moral ethical value, but for ethnic cleansing.

While these Senators in the USA believe it or not thinking of being pro-small government and representing the core idea of the American people.

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Gab says...

Haiti - Politic: The President will not tolerate the waste, corruption and the laxisme...

18/08/2011 10:30:12

Haiti - Politic: The President will not tolerate the waste, corruption and the laxisme...

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Franck says...

The question is not USA vs HAITI.

The question is rather between two men at the reign of power in their respective countries;
they both have to deal with a Congress which refuses to compromise.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Hi stranger :),Dr.Dumaine how are you?

Long time we don't hear from you.
I ounce told you guys six months ago, Haiti's politics is dirty and confusing.

The danger is remain in us all, because we accept all the conditions with it.
Seriously God is affraid of Haitians

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Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine says...

Haiti's politics is very different than any other third world country closed to many other countries in the Caribbean.

Someone must be unrealistic to even go that far comparing Haiti politics to the USA politics.

I am a really blood Haitian.

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Lloyd says...

The comments drmonstrate the reason that our beloved country is sinking like a boat, Yep,all President
Martelly has to do is to pray that we will see Huge buildings, roads,moderm hospitals, beautiful roads, factories,haiti would be the greenest, richest,most advanced nation in the world.

I wonder what

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Caphaitien says...

Bravo Josy, mwen rinmin li sa belle negesse ap plake pou ti tet yo ka pense.

Bravo Josy, mete pou

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Wapsuiv says...

Rmember this! Change yourself and you would have changed the world.

Do not wait for someone to change the world for you. Now that you got it. let me get to the center of your point about Obama, Martelly and the possibility of Change:
OBAMA and his administration are trying very hard to get the US

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Boniface Zebo Correspt De says...

"HAITIAN-POLITIQUE-IT'S QUITE EASY, take the first lane on the left, turn right after a red gate, then right again;you ll get to cross roads don't take the road on the right nor one on the left take the one in the middle in end one democratie pluriel for the people ...early...UNITY FOR MY

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