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Haiti - Politic: The President will not tolerate the waste, corruption and the laxisme...

18/08/2011 10:30:12

Haiti - Politic: The President will not tolerate the waste, corruption and the laxisme...

As part of the "weeks of the good governance", the President Martelly went yesterday to the Unit for Combating Corruption (ULCC).

The Head of State has affirmed that the reform of public administration that is committed to launch soon, will not be effective without the fight against the corruption and those who use the resources of the state for their personal use...

He invited the leaders of the ULCC to redouble their efforts against the actions of the corrupters and of those who are corrupt.

...I have a special feeling to visit the ULCC, the body by excellence that ensures the smooth running of government.

The work you do to the ULCC is a key pillar in my vision of the public thing, of the goods of the Haitian people for whom we work all, President, parliamentarians, judges and executives of the state.

This vision of the country's governance revolves around a simple principle, serve the nation and not to use and is applies to all without exception, beginning with the Presidency.

My visit to this high place of the fight against corruption, that too often gangrene the public administration and made of our country the laughing stock of more than one observer, is part of the logical of integrity, of morality and transparency which is the workhorse of the ULCC. To carry out this fight
for the clean of the public administration, I would like ladies and gentlemen of the ULCC, assure you of my personal support, unequivocally, unambiguously and the full cooperation of the Presidency and the Government of the Republic.

I insist to say Martelly that the Government does not tolerate and will never tolerate the waste, the laxisme...

it was like this before, but it will never be like that

Laws are there to be able to enforce sanctions against those who are corrupt, we ask to the parliamentarians to vote the draft law on the Prevention and Punishment of corruption.

I require the strict compliance with the Act of February 12, 2008 making injunction to the senior officials, elected officials, public officials and employees to make their declaration of assets, the President has done, it is necessary that all the people who occupy important positions, do their declaration.

When the ULCC will ask you your declaration, you must do it.

The President wants to ensure that the corruption will decrease [...] I invite the ULCC to conduct investigations of any kind, even at the level of the Presidency, because to ask someone to respect an institution, we must respect it before all."

Amos Durosier, the Director General of the ULCC has welcomed the visit of the President in his institution and is satisfied with the promise of support from the government.

He also said that he spoken with the Head of State about various works of prevention and of investigation on the corruption being done by his institution, to make effective and transparent the public governance.

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