Shots Fired At Haiti Ministry Of Justice

Port-au-Prince Haiti - Unidentified armed gunmen opened fire at the Ministry of Justice building late Friday afternoon, 19 Aug 2011. A bullet was found lodged at the office of the Directeur General.

Haiti - Political Assasination - Assassination attempt

The incident is currently under investigation but no arrests have been made.


Why would someone be shooting at the Ministry of Justice at this present time in Haiti?

Is this some kind of intimidation?

A la koze mezanmi...

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Neg Lakay says...

ok Tet Offensive or is Pie Defensive.

Well, it is obvious that you are a 'Divino' or one of our bright psycologist who is clairvoyant.

In all honesty i do not give a pimple on your rat ass about who you are. But if your Tiba or Groba has broken your heart i suggest you come correct in answering my messages or move on to another to another clown who is in your league.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Franck, animal like should understand as long you can read it that's good enough for you.
I am not your buddy and never will.
I am not here to be your buddy or friend.



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Tet Offensive says...

This shameless Tiba keep changing names.

Sometime he even writes under woman names.

Now his new name is Neg Lakay.

Regardless of the name he is using, his idiosyncrasy give him away because he is mentally deranged and a drug addict and he cannot control his

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Gabby says...


You got a laugh out of me, bro! Not only we need him to get the right building, it is imperative as well that he aims at the right person(s), because we have some good ones in the building.

Not all of them are

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Neg Lakay says...

To the fatriots,
Tthe elite of Haiti fled the Duvalier regime for lack of freedom of the press and of speech;for the most part. But under aristid and preval all the non-thinkiers were armed in order to terrorize the population to submission to lawlessness and who knows what else.
These non-thinkers or fatriots have been raping and taking whatever sense of decency there was left in Haiti.

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Haiti Board Of Patriots says...

They should arrest the recidivist Bernard H. Gousse as a prime suspect or a person of interest on this case because his Modus oprandi is either to shoot or arrest first then to ask questions.

Give him a taste of his own medicine.

Throw him in prison pending a slow make believe investigation so he could be rotten in

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Franck Casseus says...

This was no reference to the blog manager.

You need to brush up in your spelling !
Go to the library pick up some books and a dictionary.

You may learn something

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Are you referring the blog manager?

I don't remember any of your creole posting here in this blog, maybe you should give it a try.
Too much Haitians thinkers already that why Haiti is

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Franck Casseus says...

I notice that most of my Haitian brothers who can write perfect 'Creole' are very poor thinkers.

This is my personal observation.

I did not wt to call

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Bernard says...

You went to the wrong building dummy, its the parliemnt you want! Try again next week and get it

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