The comments drmonstrate the reason that our beloved country...

Lloyd - August 17 2011, 11:47 AM

The comments drmonstrate the reason that our beloved country is sinking like a boat, Yep,all President
Martelly has to do is to pray that we will see Huge buildings, roads,moderm hospitals, beautiful roads, factories,haiti would be the greenest, richest,most advanced nation in the world.

I wonder what my
brothers are smoking, that ain't "Comme il faut"they are into some heavy "s".Back to earth, President Martelly needs to understand that the majority of Haitians believe that begging is an art, some of us think that the american goverment should provide them their basic needs or a big white will fall from the sky and make life easier for them. Martelly needs to put his boxing gloves and coimbat boots on and say
the hell with this morrons shut down both chambers, withold their checks and tell them that they have 24
hours to show their love for Haiti by uniting to start the reconstruction of our mother land. Martelly
should ask France, United States, Spain,DR, Venezuela to cancel the Visas of all senators and deputies, freese their banking account abroad and we'll see how fast they comply

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