Haiti is stuck in the mud, Washington Post Op-ed

A Washington post editorial say that Haiti is stuck in the mud... Is the mud President Martelly or the Haitian Senate?

Haiti, Stuck In The Mud

If you've ever been stuck in the mud then you know what that means... Sa vle di: ke ou fe avan, ke ou fe BACK, ou rete an plas...

(Translation: whether you try to go forward or backward, you just cannot move)


WHAT constitutes the MUD that Haiti is stuck in?

Is it...

a) The Haitian Senate? or...

B) Haitian president Michel Martelly

The Washington Post article says:

"THREE MONTHS after his inauguration, the presidency of Michel Martelly, Haiti's new leader, is dangerously close to running aground. Two of his nominees for prime minister have been rejected by Haiti's opposition-dominated parliament..."

Guess what???

Because Haiti has no government, International Aid AND Martelly's top priority [getting Haiti's earthquake victims out of the tent cities] have "slowed to a crawl."


What is this MUD Haiti is stuck in?

And what is the best course of action to get Haiti out of this MUD?

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Woody says...

Haitian politicians don't know any better, they will keep Haiti stuck in the mud simply because the mud is what's in their best interest.

Pou bagay mwen tande ki ap get Haiti epi pou moun ap mande depa prezidan?

Yon ta ka opoze kek bagay lap fe ki pal, men destabilize gouvenman, that's keeping Haiti in the mud for

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Dr. Feel Bad says...

Jay, you did not to express yourself.

First, you must tell us what the Haitians have done to you.
Second, your perception about a given incident or incidents between you and the Haitians may have nothing to do with clannish, racist, discrimination, tribalism, xenophobic or social class polarization.

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Jay says...

hatians are the most racist people in the united states and deserve what they get. VooDoo, eating dirt, taxing u.s. aid during the earthquake.

world would be a better place without them. with the exception of a

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Neg Lakay, you are not a doctor like you said, still you come up with that perfect diagnostics.

That's mean you are one of those useless Haitian A S S H O L E S that can blow heavy winds from their A S S E S thinking they knows all.
I don't like to spend time with looser like

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Neg Lakay says...

ti jean pierre, it appears as if you are suffering from a late stage of mental cholera.

Let me explain: MENTAL CHOLERA is when you have inadvertently digested the fecal waste of a baboon; it subsequently clings to the walls of your brain and distorts your thoughts by rendering most of all that you say a cholera defecating shout.

In your case, you are shouting very loud behind this screen and we hear and understand your pain. For, your brain is slowly turning into a diarrhea infected fecal matter and it all as a result of accidently digesting the bacteria which causes the cholera in a baboon.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Tanisha, babun are more humans than Haitians, they can live 100 years together in groups and you will never see one of them kill another one for no reason.

Don't take my words for it, just a little research.

Most of the time my Baboon instinct kick and over ride when i am upset with animals like you

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Tahisha says...

Mr alexandre this is why anoter bloger called you a babun.

you alraiz tolc bad abarut haitian.

you are the one who hav no

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I rather say the senators are tires that was not design for mud wheeling.

The president is a lousy and inexperience driver in mud wheeling.

The Haitians are lazy to get in the mud-pool, joint hands together to push Haiti out of the cesspool.

This is a shame, and Haitians don't have shame, their noses are cold as a dogs

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Mona Lisa says...

Personally, i believe that he should choose a young and no non-sense female as his next candidate for prime minister, epi la met tete femme nan nan bouche senater yo pou yo ka retire ti kok preval'la ak ti boul grin aristid'yo nan bouche yo.

With respect.

Quel respect!

Sesalye---ou aji menm jan Sweet Mickey aka Ti simone aka Michel Martelly ta aji. Donk, nou konprann kijan

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Mona Lisa says...


The members of the haitian congress are not worse than Michel Martelly.

Both the executive and the legislative were voted by the people of Haiti.

If Sweet Mickey can't have a dialogue with the parliament to ratify the PM of his choice, he may as well

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