Mirlande Manigat Says FREE Education In Haiti Is Impossible

According to Mirlande Manigat, the Haitian population believes ALL Haitian children will go to school for FREE this year... Is that the promise Martelly made?

Michel Martelly Kissing Mirlande Manigat

The opening of school in Haiti is only a few weeks away and politics is beginning to shift towards the free Education campaign promise that President Martelly made.

"FREE Education, means that the state has the means to to send only 100,000 Haitian children to school!" Exclaims Mirlande Manigat.

"This is contrary to popular belief," she says. "The school population is 5 million children strong... and the public believes that this year, their problems will be all over, because school is FREE..."

Mirlande Manigat believes that the Haitian state is weak and incapable of realizing this ideal... "It is an ideal that is not possible in the next 5 years," she says.


If Michel Martelly fails, Mirlande Manigat will be RIGHT and the children of Haiti will... [fill in the blanks]

I really want to hear what IS possible and what CAN be done... What about you?

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Sapho says...

If Michel Martelly can be now President of Haiti, I know now that everything is possible in Life, What you need is dedication and

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Franck Casseus says...

Thank you brother, I appreciate your comment.

Every one of us must contibute to the rebirth of the country.

We need to do something no matter how little it looks.

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Jojoline says...

Good Afternoon Franck, I read your comments.

Most haitian kids can get a free education, for that Haitian who is retired today must help to educate those kids. First of all, we have to stop discriminating and help re-educate our kids who are on the street and need our good attention, Haiti has in is actif so many good kids who need help. They are very intelligent but having no support they become the delinquensh in the street.

Our duty is to find away to stop that "kank" who is coming the delema of our country.

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Jojoline says...

Everyone knows when the President says FREE Education in Haiti is talking for the one who cannot afford it. Don't play with his words.

Do we think Michel Martelly is damp or crazy that he cannot make difference with what he said. Please STOP deforming anything he said. When are we going to STOP making diversion towards people mind. What happen to us to be that cruel?

I do not speak very well english but please try to be cleaver than that. Let the man do his job. He just take the seat and we alrady have grieves for him. I am asking you guys who are against him ...

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Gab says...

What the hell does she know?

Free education doesn't mean education will be free for everyone.

Does not the united states offer free education to a certain extent?

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Kod Gita says...

ala gacon bozo papa gade jenli depoze levre li sou do main gran moun nan epi gade jen gran moun nan

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Elisabeth says...

Good morning
Nothing is impossible, nothing is impossible, if you believe and willing to work hard to succeed
Everything is possible when you actually follow your dream and make sure others stay away about discouraging you during hard

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Josy says...

Did you know President Michel Martelly killed President Kennedy?

President Barak Obama helped him, and the two of them did it.

I am Mrs. Santa Claus, and do not have time to write a longer reply.

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Ronald Altieri says...

No one is their right mind believe that the senate was going to work full speed with the president to get into the hear of the free education issue, which is straight out of the constitution of 1987. If free education is impossible, then the constitution needs to be rewritten by a constitionalist and legal expert.

No one in their right mind believe that every Haitian child was going to have a computer - not even everychild in Japan owns a computer.

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Montresor 2011 says...


U'r so fanny n neutral, Am I right?

Honor is given but respect is to be earned, did you know that?

I will be the first to ask everyone to applause if he did anything worthy of praise.

Yes it is a new

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