Michel Martelly Compared to Reagan, Ventura, and Schwarzenegger

In a recent article released by AOL News, Haiti president-elect Michel Martelly has been compared to Hollywood-actor-turned-president Ronald Reagan, wrestler-turned-governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura, and Hollywood-star-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky

This is an entirely new in concept in Haitian politics...

Well not quite...

We once had a priest turned president... but his presidency was not exaclty compared to that of a star-turned-politician... I am sure the vatican had something to say about it though I don't follow christian politics much...

The article is titled ""

It's a pretty long article and definitely worth reading...

The strange twist about the article is that they do not label Martelly as an Actor turned politician but rather the reverse...

"He was political as a performer," the article says, "It's likely Martelly was successful in music because he is actually a politician, rather than a musician who stumbled into politics. At the very least, his stardom was a practice in power."

Interesting concept...


Looking back at Martelly's carrier as a musician, listening to his lyrics, do you see him more as a politician OR as a musician?

Keep in mind... Haitian music has always been the grassroots for political revolutions... especially racine music...

Did you read the entire article?

What is your opinion about the fact that Haitian president-elect Michel Martelly is being compared to Ronald Reagan, Jesse Ventura, and Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Reply with your comments

PHOTO: Haiti Election Ballot - A voter votes for Martelly in the 2010 Presidential Elections   President Martelly Autobiography   Wyclef Jean, Michel Martelly and Charlito Baker at a Post-Election Manifestation in Haiti   Michel Martelly Kissing Mirlande Manigat   Michel Martelly - Anba Rad La - Album Cover   Sweet Micky Officially Candidate For President Of Haiti   President Martelly Meets Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide   Michel Martelly Antonio Sola Karibe Press Conference  

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All Comments (10)

Miejo says...

Haiti is not a poor country...

unfortunately on ne donne pas des

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Miejo says...

Michel Joseph Martelly compared to Reagan, Ventura, and Schwarzenegger who had the kennedys, Martin Luther King,(I have a dream) the american black colored,(we shall over come) the american white color (america belong to the americans) Barack Obama (yes we can) preparing their country for a better tomorrow the american people never have to leave their country,(this land is my land this land is your land this land was borne for you and me) they stand for their country.

But MICHEL have the 4/5 of haitian with him, and the world is with Haiti we shall over come!
Michel has to lead the people strongly is not a game! but for sure I know Haitians are good, hard working man and women, they have love and we shall over come, the dream will come true, and yes we can.

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Marleine says...

The article was ok

Well well WEll if he's making the headlines over the world then this should show a sign of change to people thats loves him and his enemies.

We are not use to ear about haitian president much compare to him.

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Patricia says...

Friends! remember the bible said: to love one another meaning even your enemies.

Do not worry about those who hate the president, they are going to try anything just to make his government look bad, but it will back fire on them. I remembered a story in the bible:Numbers22and 23 where Balak paid Balaam to go curse God people, inset of cursing them Balaam said to Balak:behold, I have received commandment to bless:and he hath blessed; and Balaam said I can not reverse it.You see friends let stay focus and put our head together to move Haiti forward, let them talk because that all they can do.Just keep praying for him and God will put the right people around him.God bless the president and God bless

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Harold Barthelemy says...

In my opinion, The President-elect of Haiti'Michel.J.Martelly has been a politician"EMBA EMBA" when he was doing music.

So yes there is a comparision between them. Any body who has a carrer on something and reflect on something else has had an affiliation on it and can a diffrent at anytime, any

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Bwawozo says...

I have read the article and I followed Martelly career.

It is yet the best writing about the president-elect and it reveals the complexity and the challenges Martelly will be dealing with. The article also compares him more with Jesse Ventura and frankly I think Mr. Martelly has shown to be a master politician in a poor country of a modern world.

As far as Haitian music, it is about time that the world begins to learn the people of Haiti thru the music of Haiti.

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Howard Harris says...

There is no comparison except for Reagan who exhibited severe intellectual deficits but had class, Ventura and Schwarzenegger are very brilliant people.

An off tangent comparison could be made between Martelly and Reagan because Regan admission from the American communist party was rejected on the ground that his funds of general knowledge was extremely low. He was so humiliated that he took revenge against the communist.

A very vindictive Aquarius.

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Myrtho says...

Every single name of people mentioned in the article did a very good job for their country.

let's support, our actor, dancer.

politician whatever the name attributed to him, to try to take Haiti of the mess that.

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Pierre says...

At this point, it is not important.

I am no fan of Mr. martelly, but we have to stop talking about his lack of or taking a moral stand against him. Mr. martelly has not been condemmed or convicted in any court of law for his :immorality".

We have all danced, enjoyed and celebrated his musical talent.

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Ben says...


Mr Martelly have everything to loose if he does not succed i worry about the Magouilleur in Haiti those that beleived in keeping the status QUO not
the country the people and themself.

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