The article was ok Well well WEll if he's making the headlines...

Marleine - April 11 2011, 10:32 AM

The article was ok

Well well WEll if he's making the headlines over the world then this should show a sign of change to people thats loves him and his enemies.

We are not use to ear about haitian president much compare to him.

I have a feeling that this man will proove to the world they are wrong to under estimated him.

But we as haitian must change our ways and help our country move foward together with him..

He cannot do it all but he will probably open the doors to many things to come if he put his heart to it...

If he was sucessful with his music and put his art and soul to it making sure all haitian know who he was then he certainly can be as a president show to the world who he is.

Then as a president Im pretty sure he will do the same...He seems very arrogant about himself and confident ...

sometimes thats just what you need, in order to make things work having great people around you and get rade of the bad seed...

I wasnt the biggest fan but Hey lets give him a chance...All I want for haiti is having those children to go to school for free, Having high ways and buses for the poor, the cost of leaving lowered and jobs for all. Having electricity 24/7 without having those rich people selling electricity from their personal generator to the poor, Having the army back..In the agricultural side grow rice, coffee fruits and many things and have them exported to canada and the US..

I have a feeling that he wants to do all that but we must understand those change doesnt come overnight

God bless Haiti

Our country needs to feed itself and it must start within...

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