Shocking Reason Why Mirlande Manigat Will Not Contest The Haiti Elections

It was announce late yesterday afternoon that Haiti Presidential candidate candidate Mirlande Manigat has decided not to challenge the election results; however, she will not accept defeat... Instead she remains dissatisfied...

Michel Martelly Kissing Mirlande Manigat

Here is what Mirlande Manigat said, according the Miami Herald...

Mirlande Manigat said through her attorneys that she will not legally challenge the Haiti election results... NOT because she admits to loosing... BUT because she has NO FAITH in the process...

Mirlande Manigat added that she remained dissatisfied with how the election was staged.

Suddenly, Mirlande Manigat has a problem with the first round of the results...

The Miami Herald says...

Her [Mirlande Manigat] attorneys also accused Martelly of breaking elections law on the day the first round results were announced when he, along with presidential candidate Charles Henri-Baker and hip-hop star Wyclef Jean, took to the streets in carnival-like fashion to protest the election.

Also read:

Recall :

"That is what a democracy is... You present yourself to the PEOPLE as a candidate and... it is the PEOPLE who must decide who wins... You will NOT WIN all the time and you need to know how to LOOSE... "


Is Mirlande Manigat implying that Michel Martelly is NOT the people's choice?

Is Mirlande Manigat implying that Michel Martelly was SELECTED and not ELECTED?

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J.p. says...

GARY DOTIEN, is not about imitated other people to make Haiti a better place.

Manigat, Aristide or any others do not have to give any remarks good or bad about Martelly.

It's Haitian way, so there's nothing wrong about that.

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Elgy says...

Je prefere mille fois avoir affaire a un ninja declare qu'a des tueurs en serie dont on arrive jusqu'ici a oublier les souffrances qu'ils nous ont infliges et l'amertume du passe politique digne de vautour dont votre aveuglement cause par votre desequilibre mental du pouvoir nous ont scelle.Pauvre!Pauvre vous "entelektyel malouk"! Le pouvoir n'a pas cesse d vs glisser entre les droigts et a chaque fois la meme complainte"a la remo!".

Fier! Fier sommes-ns qui avons eloigne le plus loin possible d ns les ruminants de c systeme lequel vous avez traite de vomissement et dont vous attendiez faire votre affaire le 4 avril dernier et immoralement!!! Le 14 mai Notre President donc Votre President sera habille comme vs l'aviez contemple le 5 avril ecoule lors de sa premiere presentation eloquente et elogieuse jamais enregistree dans l'histoire de Notre Haiti! Vive Haiti! Vive Haitien! Vive le changement ds la positivite! Aba le pessimisme negativiste! Aba les Haters! Dieu, Haiti, Tet

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Haitilove says...

That was a very ignorant comment.

You keep refering to "you have heard" or "You have read" or "They tell you", and then you expect people to take you seriously when you make ignorant comments based on hearsay?

Do yourself a favor, get to know the man (no really get to know the man) before you write comments like that. It's just the mature thing to

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Toulimen Legrand says...

En tant qu'auto-proclame psychologue, vous etes un laveur de cerveau ce qui veut dire une personne immorale car ce sont les immoraux qui s'adonnent a la destruction de l'ame des autres.

Vous etes en train de nous diviser comme vous l'aviez toujours fait bien avant les elections et que vous continuerez sans doute tant que Dieu ne nous enseigne une lecon.

Ce que Dieu a besoin de nous pour diriger les autres ce sont notre sincerite, honete et notre courage de dire la verite a tous. Michel a dit la verite et il continuera de dire la verite a tous et a vous meme un menteur et un laveur de cerveau en tant que psychologue.

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Henri-claude Saint-fleur says...


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Jean says...

I am not a fan of Martelly but I think he wins the elections.

It is not always easy to swallow a defeat, Since it is not part of our culture to lose an election.

Mirlande never thought that Martelly would get to that level as a lot of people underestimated him..She just has to face the reality of what behind any elections.

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Sontonax says...

This picture shows that he mistook madame Mirlnde Manigat right hand for a crack

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Jynee says...

to the Adminstrator:

Not to offend you but you tend to confuse the verb lose (looz) meaning ou pedi yon bagay and loose(lousse) meaning ou lache ou lage yon bagay.

lose is when you lost something or a loss. loose is more like unstrained, not rigid ( like loose jeans or letting loose a dog on someone).

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C.manigat says...

Everyone knows that Haiti is beeing runned by foreign VIPs. The nightly visit at the headquaters could not have been possible if those in power now did not have the blessings of WHOEVER is in charge ...and we know WHO.
That little gang has a lot to lose and they will lower themselves to any stinking level to make sure that Haiti stays in this dump it is in, so they can manage those with a heard mentality and too dumb to realize that they are, and have been used since this country's birth.

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Garry Destin says...

Haven't heard any congratulions and how can I help peoole and my country remarks from her, Aristide, preval or any of them.
These folks are not Haitians by any mean at all.
All they cared about was the dooming of the Haitian

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