Michel Joseph Martelly compared to Reagan, Ventura, and...

Miejo - April 13 2011, 6:43 AM

Michel Joseph Martelly compared to Reagan, Ventura, and Schwarzenegger who had the kennedys, Martin Luther King,(I have a dream) the american black colored,(we shall over come) the american white color (america belong to the americans) Barack Obama (yes we can) preparing their country for a better tomorrow the american people never have to leave their country,(this land is my land this land is your land this land was borne for you and me) they stand for their country.

But MICHEL have the 4/5 of haitian with him, and the world is with Haiti we shall over come!
Michel has to lead the people strongly is not a game! but for sure I know Haitians are good, hard working man and women, they have love and we shall over come, the dream will come true, and yes we can.

Le grand Dieu des dieux le maitre de l'univers, le gouvernement c

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