President-Elect Michel Martelly Meeting With Bill Clinton Today In Haiti

Michel Martelly, the new president-elect of Haiti, is meeting with former US president Bill Clinton today. Clinton also happens to be co-chairman of the Haiti reconstruction commission... What will they be discussing?

The purpose of the meeting, according to the interview Martelly gave to the Miami Herald, is to make sure that "the projects that the commission bring on the table are GOOD for Haiti and the Haitian people," he says.

"We will probably ask for some speed," Martelly said, "because is been 16 months [since the earthquake] and we haven't seen much being done for the Haitian people"


What do you think will come out of this meeting between Martelly and Clinton?

It's been said that the International donors have been waiting for a peaceful transfer of power to take place in Haiti... I think it has... Are we to expect things to start happening now or when Martelly is inaugurated into office next month?

What if the Martelly administration is UNABLE or UNWILLING provide the TRANSPARENCY that Bill Clinton is asking for?

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Toussaint says...

Uguy Marcel,

With all due respect my fellow Haitian, luggage issues with AA should be the least issue we need to concern about, because we have so many detrimental ones I don't even know which one to list first.

I rather see us have our own Airline instead of demanding AA to change its policies and the way they treat us Haitians.

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Infimye Docter says...

Tande bye sam diw la henri claude san fleur se bon bet wi gason, fet vit couri lopital epi di infimyer ke pil docte'a baou'a pap fe'ou byen pase ou komense ap poupou fleur eke ou bezwen yo lot drog
Fet vit envan li tro

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Infimey Docter says...

Tande non gason, fet vit couri lopital epi di infimyer ke pil docte'a baou'a pap fe'ou byen pase ou komense ap poupou fleur eke ou bezwen yo lot drog

Fet vit envan li tro

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Henri-claude Saint-fleur says...


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Uguy Marcel says...

I wanna add something,
I would like the president Marthelly describe with president Bill Clinton
the situation of Haitian people who's Travel from the USA to Haiti, AA Airline don't give them a chance to bring stuff for them family before AA airline lets us carry two luggage's for free right now they change everything it's only one and than the second one you paid $30 it need to be 50 lbs before it was 70 lbs that's not right if President Clinton have heart to help Haitian people i thing that's something He should try to resolve

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Duval Jean Pierre says...

nou pap bay tete nou manti Haiti ap viv nan coruption depi 17 octobre losque negre yo te choisi mete fin nan vie JEAN JACQUES DESSALINES alor toute moune bien konnin ke coruption ce yon institution nan existance peyi nou vine jwenn coruption blanc pote pou nou, mete toute moune d accord comme quoi ce normal parce que ce haiti, cependant mon cher blanc ak tout frem Martelly map di n ke Haiti pa ka kimbe compas saa encore souf li fine coupe si nou pa bal serum ak connecte on ti oxygene pou li souf li ap etinn et tanpri nou bouke pran imiliation nan min etrange en nou we sinne ka ede Haiti manman nou respire pou pitite li yo ka viv kou

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Yves Binbin says...

Should we trust Mr Clinton, he is a lovable man because he is a good
ORATOR but we all know that he speaks with both sides of his mouth.I
heard him talking about mortgage in Haiti but he need to put the money in Haiti's national bank to build goverment owned buildings for the victims of the earthquake because they are not employed, tell me how they are going to be qualified to have a mortgage.

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Jynee says...

Better question is, will Bill Clinton and his goons in the Interim Commission be transparent with the new Haitian government and the Haitian people.

Haitian so far has only 2% of the contracts.

Clinton has been busy facilliating projects for his buddies maybe that's why the other countries are witholding funds, they see the games.

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Ben says...



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Cj says...

I will give Mr. Martelly the benefit of the doubt, that he will serves our country with transparency, that he said will play a major role in the promise he made to the the criteria he applies for team members of his cabinet/advisors will confirm his ability to lead

I want to start a rumor Bill Clinton loves Haiti and want success, because Hillary conceived Chelsey while they were on their honeymoon in Haiti, therefore Chelsey is Haitian by birth someday she made it known to her father, she will return to claim her birth rights.

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