President Martelly, History is likely to judge him well IF...

It seems all the stars in the sky are lined up perfectly to make sure Michel Martelly go down in History as one of Haiti's greatest presidents but there is a BIG IF and a PAST DEMON in his way... What are they?


The Wall Street Journal says...

Michel Martelly... may have more to offer his country than meets the eye. At the very least, he is not connected to the establishment politicians who have looted the hapless [unlucky; luckless; unfortunate] nation for the last two decades....

IF Mr. Martelly does nothing in the next four years except live up to his campaign pledge to get the earthquake recovery process going, and IF he is able to employ an honest cabinet, history is likely to judge him well.

If he gets the right advisers -- and that's a big if with Bill Clinton and the U.S. Agency for International Development playing outsized roles in his country -- he might accomplish even more.


In Haiti you are guilty until proven innocent and... The priest who became President of Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide, he looked far better on paper!

The Wall Street Journal says...

Jean Bertrand Aristide had a seemingly virtuous past as a Catholic priest who advocated for the poor. We all know how that turned out.

Mr. Aristide was filled with anger and envy... He tore his country apart [twice]....

His successor... Rene Preval... didn't have the courage or will to challenge the mafia-style government that he inherited [twice].

Mr. President, When it Comes to Haiti Cherie, Good Enough Is NOT Good Enough!

O. J. Green, in his book "Lord Open Our Eyes" says...

"Success, it's not determined by what you are, but what you are, compared to what you could have been, Not measured by what you've done, but what you've done, compared to what you could have done."

So far... The keyword in the mouth of president-elect Michel Martelly is "COMPETENCE"

I am sure we will be able to predict what the next five years will be like for Haiti if "COMPETENCE" in used, or NOT, in every single choice made when Martelly puts his cabinet together.

Keep this in mind...

Henry Ford was not himself a genius but he had a army of geniuses working for him and he changed the course of history.


Do you believe that President Michel Martelly choose the path of a good leader even at the risk of crucifixion OR... Will he pull down his pants and give the critics what they expect of him?

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Wilipip says...

mwen pa we koman aristid detruit peyi a, aristide pat fe koudeta, aristid pat pran kot nan men cia kom toto konstan pou bat pet la menm jan ak guy philip ki tap fe yon fo revolisyion.

yo di ke li te nan drog men yo janm arete ebien gen le se pou li papale pou li pa cite nom moun.yon sel bagay mwen akize aristid se FADH li te kraze a paske si li pat kraze l jodia nou patap mouri anba kolera ke mou berrrrrrrrr yo pote nan peyi a.Rayu chen an di dan li blan ki lot chef deta atrave lemond nou konnen ki pran kou egzil de fwa ki tounen nan peyil se sel aristid ki fe sa.eske se figil yap achete ou bien se cho li tro cho nan men

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Duval Jean Pierre says...

Mr Martelly
bonjour cher Mr, alors mwen seulman vle diw ke systeme coruption etabli depi 1804 ler negre yo te finn manje Dessalines li dificil pour combattre yo
min seulman di yo ke Haiti pa ka pab encore svp en nou bali on ti chance svp merci dil yo a haute

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Acajou says...

Michel is a irregular genius of a perfect timing.

Give him a chance just don't try to throw the firt rock at him. This is a biblical remarks.

he must do Psaums 51, 151 and read lamentations of Jeremiah.

He is chosen as a leader to lead, we must support him as united

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Haitilove says...

Lol. Are you

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Yves Gagne says...

There is 10 years old Haitian children that never attented school...Today, you are talking about dressing ILLETERATES with Tuxedo at becoming MILITARY.?

What will they teach...Mr. Martelly, looking at the Past...?

Do you want that Past to continue...Haitians are the victims of illeteracy...don't private your people of any EDUCATION

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Pastor Calixte Guerrier says...

Email received and the content is well noted.

I want to organize a distribution for the children in Kenskoff on next winter(2012).

I need
a count like, how many children?

God continue to bless the haitian
children from now on and ever more.
Thank you! Sign. Rev. Calixte

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Miejo says...

Martelly is not a prophet, there is no sweet micky miracle! Martelly est un homme qui a pu

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Andy says...

Mr. Martelly will be a good leader.

Please give him a chance to do his

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Lena says...

leave the man along so much he can do this country in a mess now u think in 5 years he can do everything why we all dont work together to have a better haiti god bless u michel in a difficult time with a destroy country to

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Jen says...

michel martelly ne va pas effacer d un coup de baguette tous les problemes d haiti, il a besoin de temps et d argent, et vous serez d accord avec moi pour dire qu haiti est un enorme defi pour martelly, mais je crois s il choisit bien son equipe, il sortira gagnant et les haiteins aussi, mais si la magouille continue, ce sera lui seul qui sera

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