Les Cayes Haiti: Mayor Gabriel Fortuné asks parents to take up arms against those who don't want their children to go to school

PHOTO: Jean Gabriel Fortune
Did Haitian mayor Jean Gabriel Fortuné just declare war on the all those who protest in the streets of Haiti and prevent children from going to school?

Gabriel Fortuné calls the parents of the City of Cayes to take up arms to defend themselves against the protesters who prevent the children from going to school!

Gabriel Fortuné invites the parents to arm themselves with stones, sticks, machetes, even pistols to protect their children who go to the School. He ask these parents to stay and protect the teachers in the schools if they have to.

Fortuné says: "The only wealth one can give to your child is to send her to school. if you can put four rocks in your bag to bring your child to school, you have to do it. If you must stand in front of the school to defend the teachers, so be it."

It is crazy that a group of people decide to hold manifestations in the streets everyday preventing children from going to school. When you bring your children to school you must take your weapons to face the demonstrators who paralyze the school activities, Mayor Gabriel Fortuné said.

What do you think about that?

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S Colin Whoar!!! Konsa mem. Hum pa guin reflextion e respet an kose sa. jus ouver bouche pale ninport ki jen.
Reply · October 23 at 12:31 PM
Wesly Lè yon neg di fèmen yon pays EPA yon aksyon teroris li ye? Lè Moise te dil NOU pat di way
Reply · October 04 at 9:59 PM
Junior Ou mande pou paran ti moun yo pran zam malfèktè... journaliste correspondent radio caraoibe la ou te mande pou w tuye l la... san sal... M... see more
Reply · October 04 at 9:11 PM
Thomas Deklarasyon an on ti jan dur men fòk timoun al lekol paske paran deja pa gen anyen nan men yo, e yo ap bat dlo pou rive peye lekol pitit yo... see more
Reply · October 04 at 9:09 PM
Anna It is unfortunate that children cannot be educated because of protestation there is nothing like a good education
Reply · October 04 at 6:08 PM
Irlene Whiteman What about Moise Jean-Charles who wants to shut down the country!!! The Mayor of Les Cayes has enough of this nonsense, and so do I. And I think so... see more
Reply · October 04 at 9:35 AM
Easye He is strong about education that is so good. They need to stop the protest. My God Haitian need to chill de man
Reply · October 04 at 9:19 AM
Jean Bravo, Aux Cayes! L'education de nos enfants est a la base du development et le progres d'Haiti. Ceux qui se tiennent dans les rues, les... see more
Reply · October 04 at 9:04 AM

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Subject: Les Cayes Haiti: Mayor Gabriel Fortune asks parents to take up arms against those who don't want their children to go to school edit

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