Haiti Politics: Moise Jean Charles announces Operation "Femen PEYI" (Country SHUTDOWN)

PHOTO: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles nan Manifestation
Haitian opposition leader Moise Jean Charles has announces a new Operation "Femen PEYI" (Operation Country Shutdown) all across the country in order to force president Jovenel Moise out of power.

Speaking to the media in a street protest late last week, Moise Jean Charles said:

"We tried to talk to Jovenel Moise he refused to listen to us. We wrote to him he ignored us We protest and he still wont listen. We've reached a point, we will not protest anymore!"

Basically, Moise Jean Charles wants to close down all doors in Haiti but how does he intend to do that? In a peaceful manner???

Moise Jean Charles Explains:

We're going to shut down the country... Anwo pa monte, anba pa desann... [President] Jovenel Moise will not be able to handle it.

"You seriously think we're only going to keep on protesting in the streets? Jovenel Moise won't listen to us! That's why we're going to shut the country down!"


What do you think about that?

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Gisou Peyi a se pou Jean Charles Moise li. li besoin fenmin peyi. Se pou mete l deyo lan peyi si nou vle peyi fe avan
Reply · October 02 at 10:37 PM
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Reply · October 02 at 10:31 PM
Pony Ah gin solution pou terroriste oui et se responsabiliote toute haitien, mete gouvernement de cote. Bloker pays ya nap bloker kakaw. Gader pou we. On... see more
Reply · October 02 at 9:43 PM
Jemps Demetrius Neg Sa di: Si nou pa dégagé nou jeté gouvernement sa, politik fini pou nou oui, afè fé kokin, jeté bulletin pou... see more
Reply · October 02 at 9:39 PM
Your Next President they need to kill moise
Reply · October 02 at 9:06 PM
Haiti Nouvelles Ansyen senatè Moise Jean Charles anonse Operation Fèmen PEYI. Ansyen senatè a di anwo pa monte anba pa desann, lap femen peyi a paske... see more
Reply · October 02 at 8:04 PM

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Subject: Haiti Politics: Moise Jean Charles announces Operation "Femen PEYI" (Country SHUTDOWN) edit

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