Haitian Politics

Haiti Dialogue: Did Andre Michel and Schiller Louidor speak to Prime Minister Ceant?

Ceant was asked by a journalist on a TV interview at Tele Metropole:

Moise Jean Charles was not invited to the UN, he invited himself, journalist said

Read what Miami Herald journalist Jacqueline Charles said about Moise Jean Charles' visit to the United Nations. Apparently, the opposition leader went the UN "At his request."

Moise Jean Charles admits PetroCaribe is just an element in his Revolution

Former Haitian senator, now opposition leader Moise Jean Charles places the PetroCaribe Challenge movement happening in Haiti as just an element of his big revolution.

Francisco Delacruz shocked by Evaliere Beauplan's declaration promoting oil dumping as roadblocks in Haiti

Dr Francisco Delacruz, a former senator of the republic, was in shock when he heard Senator Evaliere Beauplan telling the population do dump truckloads rocks, sand and oil into the streets of Haiti to serve as roadblocks for street protests.

Haitian Senator Evaliere Beauplan in the Loop of the media for promoting OIL dumping as roadblocks

Opposition Senator Evaliere Beauplan fell under the loop of journalist of radio Caraibes FM for having told protesters to dump oil in the streets of Haiti as a form of roadblock.

Haiti Protests: Core Group stays stop the violence to force elected officials to resign

The Core Group says the acts of violence in Haiti seeking to provoke the resignation of legitimate authorities in the country do now have their place in the democratic process.

US Embassy in Haiti asks Haitian politicians to clean up their acts!

The U.S. Embassy in Haiti urges Haitian Politicians, "all parties and leaders to work together to move the political dialogue forward in ways that advance the interests and aspirations of the Haitian people."

Petionville Haiti Depute Jerry Tardieu thinks it's best if President Jovenel Moise Resigns

Jerry Tardieu, the Depute of Petionville came up with a proposed "sortie de crise" suggesting President Jovenel Moise submit his resignation in order to restore stability in the country.

FLASH: Andre Michel is Pissed Off! He is threatening the rich people of Haiti with a 5-hour manifestation in Petionville Friday

Haitian opposition front-man Andre Michel is mad as heck and announces a 5-hour Manifestation/Protest in Petionville "to tell the people who have money in this country it is about time they let go of (president) Jovenel Moise" OR else!!!

Senator Rony Celestin calls on Haiti Police chief to do a better job securing the population

Haitian Senator Rony Celestin says he notices a "Laisser-aller" (carelessness) in terms of security of the Haitian people and he ask DG Michel-Ange Gedeon, director General of the National Police to assume his responsibility, to protect and serve the people.