Haitian Politics

Wilson Laleau: Haiti has two budgets, a functioning budget and an investment budget

Sleaking about PetroCaribe on Tele Metropole, former finance minister Wilson Laleau explains, Haiti has two budgets, a functioning budget and an investment budget.

Wilson Laleau: The PetroCaribe dossier is targeting specific people in Haiti for political gain

Regarding the PetroCaribe Challenge movement in Haiti, former Haiti finance Minister Wilson Laleau says the way the PetroCaribe dossier being handled, it is targeting specific people in Haiti for political gain. This in turn is putting the lives of certain people in danger and is also endangering the country as a whole.

Maarten Boute wants President Martelly to publicly apologize to Marriott Hotel for PetroCaribe comments (AUDIO)

Digicel CEO Maarten Boute has asked for former Haitian president Michel martelly to retract the comments he made that the PetroCaribe money he stole was invested into the Marriott Hotel.

Haiti - List of Ministers of the Cabinet or Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant released

A new presidentiel decree has been released maning a list of ministers who will make up the cabinet or Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant.

Jacqueline Charles: Michel Martelly said it back in January, No one said anything until now. Why?

Miami Herald Journalist Jacqueline Charles is curious to know why is it that suddenly everyone has a problem with something president Michel Martelly said almost a year ago at a concert.

Sophia Martelly Decharge - La Cour Superieure des Comptes responds to Andre Michel

Fritz Robert Saint-Paul, vice president of the Superior Court of Auditors (La Cour superieure des comptes - CSCCA) proves wrong the accusations of André Michel, the opposition leader who criticized the institution for rendering a "favorable judgment" to former First Lady Sophia Martelly.

Affaire PetroCaribe - Haiti's Superior court of Auditors announce it will release its PetroCaribe report in January 2019

The Petro Caribe Challenge has reached the ears of the judges at the The Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation ( La Cour supérieure des comptes et du contentieux administratif - CSCCA) who officially announced it will release its report on the handling of the PetroCaribe dossier which was sent to the Court by the Senate of the Republic in January 2019.

Finally, Haiti Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant submits his statement of general policy to Parliament

The "énoncé de politique générale" (general policy statement) of new Haitian prime minister Jean-Henry Céant was finally submited to parliament Tuesday.

Senator Jean Marie Salomon says no one is safe in Haiti, not even the President of the Republic

Following an incident where he almost got shot near the parliament building, Senator Jean Marie Junior Salomon says no one is safe in Haiti, not even the President of the Republic Jovenel Moise.

VIDEO: Ex President Martelly responds to PetroCaribe Challenge. Martelly wants an Investigation

Watch this video... For the first time, ex Haitian president Michel Martelly speaks out about #PetroCaribeChallenge. Martelly says the real people behind the movement are hiding something. Only an investigation will shed real light and it will lead where the money is. Watch the video...