Haitian Politics

AUDIO: Joseph Lambert - Haitian Constitution clearly states how a Prime Minister can resign

Listen to this AUDIO... After meeting with Haitian prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant on Wednesday, Senate president Joseph Lambert states: The Haitian Constitution clearly states how a Prime Minister can resign.

Haiti Manifestation - Moise Jean Charles and associates could not bring the people out to protest Wednesday

The Haitian opposition wanted to take full advantage of what happened over the weekend by calling an emergency street protest (manifestation) on Wednesday. But it did not work as expected, they failed to bring the people out.

AUDIO : Louis Gonzague Edner Day : President Jovenel Moise needs a Voodoo Priest to wake him up

Former Haitian delegate of Ouest department, Louis Gonzague Edner Day send a direct message to President Jovenel Moise after the violent gas price hike protests.

SCOOP : Haiti Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant says he will NOT resign

Flash! Dernière heure. Haitian Prime Minister Jacques Guy Lafontant has just told an important member of the Chamber of Deputies that he will not resign and that he will come to Parliament on Saturday to face the deputies despite the call for his resignation from several sectors.

Haiti Prime Minister Jacques Guy Lafontant gathers the media to say nothing

News came in the Haitian Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant was about to Address the Nation. The media gathered waited for words from the Prime Minister. Then... Nothing!

AUDIO: Haiti - Senateur Jacques Sauveur Jean turns his back on Jovenel Moise

Listen to this audio... Haitian Senateur Jacques Sauveur Jean, founding member of PHTK, just announced it is the end between him and President Jovenel Moise.

Haiti Politics - Guyler C. Delva changes his mind, he will NOT resign as Communication Minister

Haitian Communication Minister Guyler C. Delva who announced his resignation Tuesday changed his mind because, he says, President Jovenel Moise asked him to reconsider his decision.

FLASH : Manifestation in Haiti - Moise Jean Charles announces a sudden street protest Wednesday

Breaking News... ex Senator Moise Jean Charle, opposition leader, announced a sudden street protest happening today, Wednesday, to force president Jovenel Moise out of office.

Haiti Communication Minister Guyler C. Delva announces his resignation (VIDEO)

Haitian communication Minister Guyler C. Delva announced on his Twitter page that he is about to submit his resignation to president of Haiti Jovenel Moise who complained recently that communication is a big problem in his administration.

Haiti - ex president Privert : Time for us to Stop Bullshitting the People

Ex Haitian president Jocelerme Privert has a simple message for Haitian Politicians: "It's time for us to stop take this little people for junk," he wrote on his twitter page.