Haitian Politics

The Haitian Police will provide security at the Senate of the Republic Thursday during Lapin ratification session

There are rumors that bad things will happen this Thursday during the ratification session of Prime Minister Lapin and his government. as a prevention measure, the Senate president has asked the National Police to insure the security of Parliament that day

Another rendez-vous at Haiti's Senate Thursday for the ratification of PM Lapin and his government

The ratification of Haitian prime minister Jean Michel Lapin which has been like a circus act at the Senate of the Republic is about to happen again this Thursday at 8am.

When will Haiti have a new Prime Minister?

Politics in parliament still leaves Haiti without a Prime Minister. Jean Michel Lapin has yet to present his statement of general policy to the Senate even after a third formation of his government.

Haiti opposition senators want all Ceant Ministres out of Jovenel-Lapin Government

In a letter addressed to the Senater president, the group of 4 opposition senators made it clear, they want all Ceant Ministres out of the Jovenel-Lapin government. But wait... Appointed Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin is is a former Ceant Minister!

Haiti PM Lapin Ratification - Senators of the opposition disturb and force session postponement

The ratification of appointed Haitian prime minister Jean Michel Lapin did not happen as planned after 4 senators of the opposition went about disturbing the Senate session forcing president Carl Murat Cantave to postpone it once again.

Haiti Senator Nawoon Marcelus rushed to the hospital Sunday

Haitian North Senator Nawoon Marcelus was rushed to hospital Sunday night after he fell ill on the senate floor during a session.

Haiti Senator Don Kato: I will throw Ministre Jean Roudy Aly out of the Senate!

Haitian Senator Antnio 'Don Kato' Cheramy announces the colors promising to kick out Justice minister Jean Roudy Aly from the Senator during the ratification session of Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin.

Sunday at the Senate: Haiti Prime Minister Lapin to present his General Policy statement

Sunday is the new date for Haiti Prime Minister Lapin to go to in front of the Senators to present his General Policy statement.

Official - New Haiti Government Jovenel-Lapin, 8 old ministers renewed, 8 new ministers

Here is the official list of all the ministers that will make up the new Haiti Jovenel-Lapin Government with Jean Michel Lapin as Prime Minister of Haiti according to a decree published in the Official State Journal Le Moniteur Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Did ex Haiti PM Henry Ceant send his former assistant to pick up a old couch at La Primature?

Believe it or not, there was a big commotion in Haiti at the Prime Minister's office Wednesday, 08 May 2019, after the personal assistant of former PM Henry Ceant mysteriously showed up to pick up some items including a couch that the ex prime minister left behind.