Haitian Politics

PetroCaribe: Senator Lambert asks all individuals and companies indexed to get ready for Justice

While everyone is focusing on president Jovenel Mois in in regards to the dilapidaiton of the PetroCaribe money, Senator Joseph Lambert ask everyone whose name was mentioned to answer the justice system.

Dossier PetroCaribe has made a full comeback in Haiti after CSCCA submits corruption report to Parliament

PetroCaribe has returned as the talk of the town in Haiti after the has mad a full comeback in Haiti after Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation (CSCCA) submitted part 2 of the corruption report to parliament.

Haiti Senate President Carl Murat Cantave condemns the acts of the 4 opposition senators at the senate

4 opposition senators, Evaliere Beauplan, Nenel Cassy, Ricard Pierre and Antonio Cheramy (Don Kato) wecked the senate Thursday. Senater President Carl Murat Cantave spoke to the media and regrets what these distinguished gentlemen did.

Core Group condemns the actions of Haitian opposition senators and calls for dialogue

The Core Group expressed its deep concerns regarding the serious political, economic, social and security crisis in Haiti. The Core Group condemns the actions of the 4 opposition senators who literally trashed the Haitian Senate and calls for dialogue.

"You are worthless!" Senator Dieudone Luma lashes out at 4 Opposition Senators (VIDEO)

Watch this video and se how Senator Dieudonne Luma Etienne lashed out at the 4our senators of the opposition, after they destroyed the senate floor to block the ratification session of Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin Thursday.

Senator Lambert calls 4 opposition Senators "Mercenaires Parlementaires" after what they did at the Senate Thursday

A journalist aske Senator Joseph Lambert: "What do you think about what happened at the senate where all chairs and tables inside the senater were thrown outside?" Lambert replied: "Bon, se des mercenaires parlementaires k ap devlope la a."

Depute Gary Bodeau warns, it is 'Make or Break' for Haiti president Jovenel Moise

Depute president Gary Bodeau made it very clear, President Jovenel is currently leading a failed state and we have reached the crossroads, "soit ça passe, soit ça casse" (make or break) or Jovenel will not last 5 years in power.

Senator Lambert: The 4 opposition Senators brought in armed and unknown individuals to the parliament building

Haitian Senator Joseph Lambers complained about his safety and that of other senators at the Haitian Senate after he witnessed armed and unknown indivisuals he said the 4 sentors of the opposition brought in to the grounds of the parliemane building.

Haiti Politics - Senator Zokiki blames President Jovenel Moise for what happened at the Senate Thursday

4 opposition senators walking into the Haitian Senate and ransack the place, senator Jean Renel Senatus gives them two thumbs up and blames President Jovenel Moise for what happened.

Haiti Opposition Senators Destroy the Senate to prevent Prime Minister Lapin Ratification

Breaking News... The Senate of the Republic of Haiti has been completely destroyed by a group of 4 Senators of the opposition Thursday Morning, 30 May 2019, in attempt to prevent the ratification session of Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin and his government