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BINUH condemns the gun battle between military and police in Champs de Mars Haiti

The United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) condemns the gun fight that too place in Champs de Mars, downtown Port-ai-Prince Haiti Sunday between the Haitian army and police. more »

Youri Latortue accused President Jovenel of destroying the Senate to hide cetain files

Senator Youri Latortue wants the resignation of Jovenel Moise as President of Haiti Former Haitian senator Youri Latortue, who is fighting to get back in the Senate, has accused the president of rendering the Senate dysfunctional in order to hide certain dossiers. more »

Haiti - Angry Police, in protest, demand the departure of President Jovenel Moise

President Jovenel Moise speaking to a group of UDMO policemen Following a big commotion at Champs-de-Mars in Haiti between the military and the police, angry police protesters in uniform are demanding the departure of Haitian president Jovenel Moise. more »

9 Haitian senators are still fighting to remain in the Senate, judge's decision

Haiti Senateur Patrice Dumont On January 13th, Haitian president Jovenel Moise made a tweet declaring that two thirds of the Senate terms were expired. Nine of the senators representing the second third are still fighting to remain at the Senate. more »

Kidnapped Haiti Depute released after paying USD $40,000 ransom money

Haiti depute Sinal Bertrand Kidnapped in the night of Thursday, February 20th in Delmas 65, Lavalas Depute Sinal Bertrand was released after painf a hefty sum to his kidnappers more »

Haiti - Minis Finans lan promet pou ogmante Ti Kat Lapolis la apati 1er Mars 2020

Jouthe Joseph - Haiti Minister of Economy and Finance Men bon nouvel pou tout policier en Haiti yo. Minis Ekonomi ak finans Jouthe Joseph fek deklare devan President Jovenel li pwal ogmante ti kat policier yo komanse 1er Mars 2020 an. more »

Haiti Security: President Jovenel sees new armored police vehicles as extra step for more efficient policing

President Jovenel Moise inspects new police armored vehicles Haitian President Jovenel Moise is very happy to have received new armored vehicles for the police. "This an extra step for more efficient policing," the president said. more »

New armored vehicles arrive in Haiti to help the police fight crime

New armored vehicles for the Haitian Police A plane load of armored vehicles landed in Haiti Friday night, Feb 21, 2020, to better help the police fight crime in the country. more »

President Jovenel promises to improve the working conditions of the Haitian police

President Jovenel Moise speaking to a police officer in Cap Haitian A group of Haitian policeman have been protesting in the streets of Haiti asking for better working conditions. The Haitian president just announced on Twitter he will answer the prayers more »

FLASH: Ex Haitian Depute Sinal Bretrand Kidnapped in Haiti

Haiti depute Sinal Bertrand It has been reported that ex Haitian Depute Sinal Bertrand was kidnapped in Haiti Thursday by armed bandits. more »