Haitian Politics

Haiti Education Minister asks parents to send the children back to school after protests

"After 7 days of protests, we hear the voice of the Haitian school children who cannot go to school. The children want to go to school," Education Minister Pierre Josué Agénor Cadet who asks Haitian parents to the send the children back to school.

Various Haiti's Government ask the population to resume their activities

In a televised address to the Nation, various Haitian government ministers ask Haitian citizens to resume their normal activities after so many days of turbulence in the country.

After Jovenel Moise resigns, Parliament is going nowhere, Senator Youri Latortue said

Haitian Senator Youri Latortue made it clear that the Senators and Deputes (parliament) are going nowhere after the movement to get rid of President Jovenel Moise succeeds.

Haiti - Before Jovenel Moise, President Martelly warned the System will eat you alive

VIDEO: Did Jovenel Moise know this??? A few months after Michel Martelly became president of Haiti, he warned journalist in the Diaspora that "the system" will destroy anyone who tries to change it.

Haiti's Capital is on Lock-down mode following president Jovenel's address to the nation

Some parts of Port-au-Prince Haiti is already locked with barricades in the early morning hours Friday, one day after president Jovenel Moise decided to break his silence.

FLASH: Haiti Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant under pressure to resign, he said

Haitian Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant confirmed to Miami Herald Journalist Jacqueline Charles he us under pressure by the presidency to resign but he refuses.

Haiti government recalls several or its Ambassadors, one of them resigns

Several Haitian Ambassadors have been recalled by the central government. Ambassador Paul Altidor was recalled from the United States, Ambassador Denis Regis, Permanent Representative of Haiti to the United Nations was recalled, Guy Lamothe from Mexico and Vanessa Matignon Lamothe from France.

What is being done to the people of Haiti is economic violence, a Senator said

"Haiti has been kidnapped and taken hostage since 1806 after Jean Jacques Dessalines was assassinated," Haitian senator Jacques Sauveur Jean said Wednesday. "What is being done to the people of Haiti is economic violence."

Breaking News... Haiti - In front of the National Palace is white with tear gas according to news reports

Breaking News... Haiti - In front of the National Palace is white with tear gas this Wednesday afternoon, 1:45pm, according to news reports, as protesters are tempting to enter the grounds of the National Palace.

Manifestation in Haiti - Rony Timothee says: We have to enter the National Palace!

It is a day of street protest in Haiti and opposition leader Rony Timothee said live on the radio: "Rendex-vous in front of the national palace. We have to enter the national palace."