Haitian Politics

Plateau Central Haiti: Delegue Departemental Budry Coriolan calls on residents to stay calm

Budry Coriolan, the new Délégué Departemental of the Centre Department of Haiti, is calling on all citizens in the Plateau Central to remain calm and return to their daily activities. Délégué Budry warns the population to beware of misinformation designed to disrupt public peace.

It will be TOTAL CHAOS in Haiti IF Jovenel Moise steps down from power, Gabriel Fortune warns

"If president Jovenel Moise were to perform an act of malfeasaance and step down from office it would be chaos in Haiti," says, Gabriel Fortune, the mayor of Les Cayes Haiti who stepped down recently.

Meeting of Dialogue at Haiti National Palace between the 3 powers after Nov 18 Protests

Haiti National Palace: A working meeting was organized following the 18 November 2018 street protests between President Jovenel Moise; the Prime Minister, Jean-Henry Céant; the president of the Court of Cassation and the Superior Council of the Judiciary, master Jules Cantave; Senate Speaker Joseph Lambert and Speaker of the House of Commons Gary Bodeau.

Andre Michel says the Haitian Government is offering jobs to the Opposition

Outspoken Haitian opposition lawyer Andre Michel says President Jovenel Moise and his government are offering jobs to members of the opposition.

Manifestation Okay, Manifestan yo di yo pwal lakay Gabriel Fortune, Yon jounalis fek raporte

Men Nouvel... Gro Manifestation Okay, Manifestan yo di yo pwal lakay Gabriel Fortuné, dapre sa yon jounalis radio Zenith FM fek rapòrte.

Se tout bon, Ville Aux Cayes CHO, anwo ma monte anba pa desann

Se tout bon, Ville Aux Cayes CHO, Barikad tout kote. anwo ma monte anba pa desann

Hinche Haiti - Budry Coriolan swears in as Delegue Departemental du Centre

Agronome Budry Coriolan has just sworn in as the new Delegue Departemental du Centre, Plateau Central Haiti, replacing Marie Denise Bernadeau.

Haiti in Crisis, Jovenel Moise is President ONLY at the National Palace, Clarens Renois said

Haitian journalist and former presidential candidate Clarens Renois says Haiti is in a state of "Non-State", the authority of the State does not exist and Jovenel Moise is ONLY president at the National Palace.

Haiti - Senator Joseph Lambert will NOT go to Vertieres on 18 November. Find out why

Haitian Senator Joseph Lambert announced he will not attend the 18 November ceremony at Vertières in Cap Haitien this year because of what Moise Jean Charles did.

Haiti - Fanmi LAVALAS wants to overthrow President Jovenel Moise on 18 November

Chavire Chodyè a, this is the new slogan Fanmi LAVALAS has just come up with to mean get rid of president Jovenel Moise and his government by any means necesary.