Haitian Politics

Petionville Haiti Depute Jerry Tardieu thinks it's best if President Jovenel Moise Resigns

Jerry Tardieu, the Depute of Petionville came up with a proposed "sortie de crise" suggesting President Jovenel Moise submit his resignation in order to restore stability in the country.

FLASH: Andre Michel is Pissed Off! He is threatening the rich people of Haiti with a 5-hour manifestation in Petionville Friday

Haitian opposition front-man Andre Michel is mad as heck and announces a 5-hour Manifestation/Protest in Petionville "to tell the people who have money in this country it is about time they let go of (president) Jovenel Moise" OR else!!!

Senator Rony Celestin calls on Haiti Police chief to do a better job securing the population

Haitian Senator Rony Celestin says he notices a "Laisser-aller" (carelessness) in terms of security of the Haitian people and he ask DG Michel-Ange Gedeon, director General of the National Police to assume his responsibility, to protect and serve the people.

Kenneth Merten tells the Haitian Opposition: You want to rule the country? Win the next elections!

In a bombshell interview to Voice of American Creole Wednesday, Kenneth Merten made it clear to those who are asking President Jovenel to leave office: "This is why we have elections, so that, if the people are not satisfied they can elect other people in office."

President Jovenel Moise made a comeback in a National Address Wednesday. Read the Transcript

A confident Haitian president Jovenel Moise addressed the people of Haiti Wednesday November 21, 2018, and spoke firmly to the opposition in the streets and those spreading terror in the country. Here is a transcript he what the president said.

Senator Rony Celestin met with President Jovenel and PM Henry Ceant for some serious talks

Haitian Senator Rony Celestin said he had some serious talks with both Prime Minister Henry Ceant president Jovenel Moise and wants PM Ceant to have full power to create a government of consensus so that Haiti can get out of this crisis once and for all.

Haitian Journalists warn about fellow journalists misinforming the population on purpose

Some respected journalists in a few radio stations in Haiti are warning the population about other radio stations in the capital Port-au-Prince who are literally misinforming the population to spread terror and panic simply because the journalist or the media's owner is in opposition against the current government.

Haiti: Arnel Belizaire says Andre Michel is a malicious evil man

Former Haitian depute Arnel Belizaire calls opposition front man Andre Michel a malicious evil man for what he is doing to the country.

Renald Luberice explains why President Jovenel Moise's message was not delivered

Raynald Luberice, Secretary General of the council of ministers in Haiti, told journalist why a per-recorded message by President Jovenel Moise was not broadcasted on telivision Tuesday evening.

A President Jovenel Moise message to the people of Haiti was not delivered Tuesday

Haitian President Jovenel Moise who was supposed to address the nation last night, Tuesday, made a U-Turn and changed his mind since the message was not delivered.