Haiti - Senator Moise Jean-Charles Confrontation With Police in Leogane

The vehicle of Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles was stopped by the police in Gressier, Leogane Haiti, Thursday 8 May 2014, and because of that there was panic in the air... You know... In Haiti, Stopping an opposition leader is asking for trouble!

Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles

Senator Moise is an outspoken opponent of President Martelly, for the police to stop his vehicle anywhere in Haiti and this becomes a media circus...

According to news reports Senator Moise was returning from funeral of a "Militant" who died in a recent protest when his vehicle was stopped. The senator himself was not wanted by police; however, there was a warrant issued for the arrest of one passenger in the vehicle.

During this brief intervention by the Haitian police in Leogane, sources say that a flock of people stated gathering in front of the police station. I even heard that people in Cap-Haitien were mobilizing for some action... ou konnen pep Haitian renmen fè lòbey... LOL...

What do you think about this?

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Versaint says...

Does this kind of Congressmen happen to know the limit of their oddity face of the Haitian nation?

As commonly I do feel they are undeniably picking the real citizens up to their nerve, as

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James Jean says...

Bon neg yo byen konnen machin kiyes pou yo kanpe nan lari a, se neg petyonvil kap mache kidnape pep epi yap bay moun site soley pot chay, sa matelly bezwen an lap jwenn li wi. sim te li mw te

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Berthauny says...

Prezidan mateli ap joue ak neg yo pa gen moun ki pa ka arete mouin pa konnen ki kote neg sa yo te pase pou yo vini senate ou byen depite.

Neg sa yo ta bezwen yon moun ki pou fe edikadyon sivik yo pou yo ka konnen dwa ak devwa

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Patrick Princivil says...

Li Resansman/Numbers 22:21-41;

Sistèm pa accepté chaptitre la

Moises Jean need to stop it, he is not stronger than Balaams's

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Patrick Princivil says...

Mwen konpran sa, nan politik Américains an gin yon parti democrat, liberal, ti party etc.

Au Canada gin parti liberal, conservateur etc.

Pou Moises Jean Charles min-m nan ki parti li yé an Haïti?

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Ernst-gesner Daphnis says...

No one is above of the law. If someone is in is car was wanted by the police.

He should let the police do their job by taking that person to custody.

By the way, who is this Moisés Jean Charles who wants to block an entire

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Raymond Archer says...

Underdeveloped country and people who doesn't understand fully the meaning of democracy, protest for any stupidity, stand up for anything of none value, judge, senator, whoever they are, whatever their position in the government can be arrested, pulled over ticketing, whatever they do after that is their business, the police should have the power do their job, the senators do not know their limit, they are not above the law. We have to have a strong police force, who not afraid to do what they have to

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Cliff Simon says...

La polis gen dwa rete nenpot moun C pa

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