Haiti - France Ambassador says: A system that does not work is a system in disaster

There is is currently a stand off in the process for Elections in Haiti by the end of 2014 and Patrick Nicoloso, the Ambassador of France in Haiti thinks the political actors need to find a solution in order for the People of Haiti to choose their leaders and representatives... Din't they do that in El Rancho? LOL...

President martelly, Patrick Nicoloso, Ambassador of France to Haiti

"Haiti's political actors need to find a consensus to run the system. For a system that does not work, it is a system that will end in disaster. they must arrive at a solution , " ambassador Nicoloso says.

According to an article by Le Nouvelliste, the ambassador urged Haitian politicians to resolve their dispute to enable the political system to function well."

It is not up to foreigners to come settle disputes between political actors here. I have often said to my Haitian friends. Being a partner who participates in the development of this country, I am taken aback by a system that is not working, " he added.

Read more, in French, from Le Nouvelliste

QUESTION: What do you think about the ambassador's comments?

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Haiti - Patrick Nicoloso, Anbasadè a nan Lafrans an Ayiti panse aktè politik yo bezwen jwenn yon solisyon pou pèp la kapak chwazi lidè ak reprezantan yo ...

Se pa sa yo t'al fè nan El Rancho?

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