Haiti - Controversy in the Swearing-in ceremony of new CEP members

ONLY 7 of 9 members of Haiti's new Conseil Electoral Provisoire (CEP) showed up this Friday, 9 May 2014, at the Cour de Cassation in Port-au-Prince for their Swearing-in ceremony. Two members not present were Néhémie Joseph and Leopold Berlanger... The reason will surprise you...

Haiti Elections - CEP, KEP, CTCEP, Tout C P
Haiti Elections - CEP, KEP, CTCEP, Tout C P

Here is the Scoop...

Leopold Berlanger wrote a letter to the President of Cour de Cassation to inform him that he will not show up for the swearing in Ceremony because one of the members, Néhémie Joseph, was not ratified by the Senate. Mr Berlanger wants to swearing once ALL 9 members are present.

What is the complication?

Well... Apparently Néhémie Joseph, who was already a member of the CTCEP, was supposed to be ratified by the Senate of the Republic but that never happened. Although, Nehemy's name is listed in the "arrêté présidentiel" forming the new CEP... I guess that complicates things!

Leopold Berlanger was interviewed on Radio Signal FM and spoke to Tamara Orion about his decision not to show up for the swearing in ceremony. Tamara ask him if it was as sign of solidarity toward Mehemy, Berlanger replied:

"It is more a matter of principle... For the CEP to function, 9 members are needed, the absence of one member is a Handicap to the CEP..."

Since Nememy Joseph does not have the endorsement of neither of the powers (i.e. Legislative, Executive and Judicial) that is a problem according to Mr. Berlanger.

What do you think about this?

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Cliff Simon says...

San pep Ayisyen pa vle kopwann sa kap fet la
Nou pwen yon payi nou lagel anba yon paket reaksyone vole dwog dile kidnapa an menm tan restavek kap fe nou fe makak
Pa gen moun serye Q pou pwan sa O serye pou retire peyi a nan salye a
C teyat kap fet
Yon pwan pep Ayisyen pou makaq C sak fe C fig yo bal manje
Sa fet poul

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Berthauny says...

Mesye, neg sa yo se impoze yap impoze yo, prezidan dwe ranplase yo.

neg sa yo pa pou chanjman .Se lavalas yo ye.

Li le pou peyi a

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Patrick Princivil says...

Easy they don't show up just kick them

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