Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Respond to Harsh New York Times Article

The New York Times wrote a harsh article about the Caracol Industrial park in Haiti last week, Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe posted a public response about it on his new Blog.

Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister of Haiti

Laurent Lamothe tweeted: "The NYTimes published this article about Haiti a week ago... I posted my answer "

Prime Minister Lamothe writes:

"Haiti is not lacking in challenges. Yet, despite our many challenges, Haiti's renewal and the progress our country is making after political crises and devastating natural disasters is a hopeful story. The Martelly Administration is committed to building that story and improving the lives of the people of Haiti...

...We are committed to holding free and fair elections and to strengthening the rule of law....

... We committed to creating thousands of new and better jobs for the people of Haiti so charity, assistance and remittances are no longer the primary economic drivers for so many in Haiti..."

In regards to the Industrial park that the New York times Trashed, Prime Minister Lamothe writes:

"With an unemployment rate of 52 percent, this park represents a unique opportunity to create much needed jobs that Haiti needs to break the cycle of extreme poverty."

"Despite our progress, we recognize that the story of failure, corruption, poverty and struggle that for decades have dominated the narratives about Haiti continues to do so today.

He gave the New York times the finger with this line... LOL...

Haitians are working to rebuild their lives and their economy. ..We are eager to break with a cycle of disaster, struggle and dependency... The developments underway throughout the North will provide Haitians with the fundamentals to compete internationally and unleash the entrepreneurship, creativity and resilience that defines us as a nation.

We invite the international community to join us in building a new vision for our country - and to participate in shaping this new narrative as it unfolds in Haiti today."

So... In simple English, The prime minister told the New York Times to SHOVE IT!!!

To read the Prime Minister's message in full, click on .

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Jacques Laine says...

The Prime Minister is right in that far from joining the New York Times in its negative portrayal of Haiti, he emphasized the positives that are under way; initiated, planned and being executed by his government.

It's just too hard for the the New York Times, along with the test of the American media to cast Haiti in a positive light, as they are too hellbent on denigrating

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Alfred says...

I mean li toujou bon le'nou supote"peyi nou, pa kite moune deyo pale nou male.
but check this i am haitian american soldier serving in the US ARMY with a security clearance i been call the Gov office for months now, even call the the PM office not once someone get back at me, i spoke to his sec, i calle the haitian ambassador for months now noone want to speak to me i email them, so if haitian want to help build their contry why can we hear them out.
with all my experaince im sure with the security i can help so let start take good care our people so moune pa'p pale nou male.
thank you Sgt jean
alfred.jean at

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Sergo Jean says...

I support the topic and this is the first time we have a prime minister who stands for our country with a clear vision to help the people in their

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Sydoine Jeannite says...

I am not too sure about all the bravo and rayray but Haiti was the pearl of the caribbean once with all goodies to export.

My father lost 40 pigs onetime and he one among peasants who suffered and faced grave challenges to continue to send their children to school.

They went to SEDREN Gonaives and scraped most of our gold mine to no tangible benefit to Haiti.

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Ronel Nicolas says...

I congratulate yoy PM lamothe for your article in response to Newyork times article.

Some little white men take pleasure in talking shits about Haiti.

There are so many problems in US to care about, I don't understand why do this american newspaper focus and pay attention to Haiti so long. I want them know that Haiti is for haitians that's why I love and stay in my country.

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David says...

We cannot be more clear than it, precise and very clear, An answer of a statesman, I begin has to like

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Roy Barnett says...

Maybe after 208 years we finally open our eyes and understand the world we are living in. I can say that maybe we are on the right path but we are not there yet. Too much corruption, we never sacrifice for the future generations we take to make ourselves over comfortable in a place were we should care more about sharing than taking.

I'm Haitian and I'm a Martelly, Maybe it will take a Martelly to make Haiti what it should of been 200 years ago. Corruption is everywhere but the amount of corruption in Haiti is BIGGER than the country.

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Danielle says...

Bravo, bravo prime minister first time yes" mwen dili ankor"first time we have a leader who is not afraid, to stand up for the people and is contry.

Felicitation mr.Lamothe you a real commander in chief.

Keep up the good work may God be with

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Rony says...

We need brave leader who not scared to speak for our countrt and our people we need leader to look at after his people and his country, we need a leader not afraid when white people wrong things about us so he can respond back to

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Harold Fleurine says...

Je ne pas lire toutes les informations mais je suis tres satisfait avec les declarations poster par le preministe, c'est vraiment des reponses clair, quit montre que la tete de notre premier ministre haitien est mieux placer sur son

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