I congratulate yoy PM lamothe for your article in response to...

Ronel Nicolas - July 19 2012, 1:34 PM

I congratulate yoy PM lamothe for your article in response to Newyork times article.

Some little white men take pleasure in talking shits about Haiti.

There are so many problems in US to care about, I don't understand why do this american newspaper focus and pay attention to Haiti so long. I want them know that Haiti is for haitians that's why I love and stay in my country.

there is no reason for diplomacy.

We must talk eyes in eyes with the little american leaders.

They steal wheresoever to build their country but even in Haiti.

So Haiti is struggling with misery by its own efforts.

we don't steal.

we need leaders apts to let all the little white men that we are a nation with rights.

they have to respect us with our own culture and our views of things.

Good job lamothe.

be strong and strong.

we're with you and against allwho stand against us in the international community.

For ever Haiti.

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