Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is considering closing the markets along the Haiti-Dominican border

Possible Closing of All Border Haiti-Dominican Markets - Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is considering closing the markets along the Haiti-Dominican border

Eggs Imported From Dominican Republic To Haiti

These Haiti-Dominican border serve more as points where Dominican products enter Haiti, duty-free, rather than centers of mutual trade. (

Somebody once told a joke in Fort Liberte. I laughed but it wasn't funny.

The man said:

"In this city, if you want to drink some lemonade, the water, the sugar AND the lemon are imported from the Dominican Republic.

The pot is from the Dominican Republic. Even the freakin cup you use to drink the lemonade is from the Dominican Republic.

Everything in this plate (pointing to my eggs and plantain breakfast) is from the Dominican Republic"

Question: How do you feel about the markets along the Haiti-Dominican border?

Good for Haiti?
Good for the Dominican Republic?
Good for Both?

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Gerard says...

I already said what should be done before considering closing the border with Dominican republic;
We have work to do before considering taking such drastic measure and I am sure the Prime Minister knows that it is not as simple as that. " Le dire " is one thing; " le faire " is another thing.

We must plan our action and do what is best for

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Gerard says...

Instead of just close the border I would:-
1) Make sure that custom duties are paid on all merchandise crossing the border.-
2) demand reciprocity for Haitian product to freely cross the border into Dominican territory after paying an equal custom duty to the Dominican authorities.

3) Reorganize our industry and our agriculture to reduce our dependency on the Dominican products
4) create jobs in Haiti to keep our labor force at

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Paule says...

I think it will be the best decision for Haiti, one of Haiti biggest problem is the dominican republic

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Haitian Pride says...

Mr. PM Laurent, I agree with you 100%.

Thinking and doing are two different things.

If I can recall, Pres. Martelly was supposed to create a new haitian military cause every country has and should have some type of defense for internal and external issues.

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Sudhir says...

John and Bill, Nice work, I know first hand the sacrifice that it takes to be away from your fmlaiy andhave to miss all of the day to day events that can so easily be taken for granted.

Thank you and your families for your commitment to be placed in harms way to makeour world a little bit better.

Well done, UPS world wide is proud of you! Well

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Wilson Boue says...

Eske gouvenman an n'ayiti taxce pwodi dominikin yo?SI NON BORDER YA DWE fermen.


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Bernard says...

Its about time!The trade imbalance has been allowed for too long.Keep up the good work Mr. Lamothe.

Finally a government that is looking out for the people that elected

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Tlouverture says...

I agree with you. I have no idea why even Haitians from the Diasporas residing here in the States would vacation in DR. They continue to mistreat our fellow compatriots and some of us acts as though it is nothing.

You should have seen the reactions we got from them when PM Lamothe mentioned this! They even go as far as pretending like they give a damn about poor Haitians in Haiti.

They got the audacity to claim that this will hurt the most needy Haitians as their goods get to Haiti faster, fresher than any other country.

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Mizeliah says...

Sak te fem pi fache se paske yo pa asepte lajan peyi-m lan mwen oblije peye ak lajan ameriken epi tax la ak lajan ayisyen ki lobey sa pandan se tan gen bank nan peyi-a. Sa-a se trop tenten, ou pa ka vi-n fe biznis lakay mwen epi pou wap trete-m konsa menm lajan peyi lan ou anpechel sikile.

Wa-l lekol lakay yo fok ou peye 5 fwa lavale an ameriken.

Yo montre nou byen ke se deye nou yap kraze men nou kontinye ap retounen lakay yo pou nal pran wont jou-apre-jou. Panse byen avan nou femen frontye yo pou pa al re-ouvri yo anko sonje byen gen 2 bagay yo pa bay moun LIBETE ak RESPE se ou menm ki pou pran

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Mizeliah says...

Femen frontye-a selman pa solusyon an, menm le yap fe biznis nan peyi-a yo pa gen respe pou peso-n. Janvye 2010 pa ka bagay ki te eneve-m konsa.

Mwen ta-l achte yon tike poum pran otobus poum te ka rantre an DR. Ayisyen ap vann tike an plen soley epwi moun ap foure men yo nan mitan fe barye pou achte tike. Yo telman pa gen respe pou nou ayisyen pa dign pou antre nan ofis yo se sou twotwa pou moun kanpe foure menw nan mitan fe pou achte

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