Haiti Manifestation : Big conflict in Pelerin 5 where President Jovenel Moise lives

Haitian President Jovenel Moise is loosing the love of his neighbors in Pelerin 5 where he lives after authorities decide to demolish the homes of these residents, some say it is for the security of the president, others say it its to ease up the coming and going of the president.

Since Wednesday, residents of Pelerin 5 rose up in protest against the decision of Haitian authorities to proceed with the demolition of their homes.

This order, according to Haitian newspaper Le Nouvellsite, came from government commissioner of Port-au-Prince, Ocnam Clamé Daméus who, at the request of the Director General of the Department of Revenue (Direction Générale des Impots - DGI) denouncing the illegal occupation of the private lands of the State, ordered the eviction of several families living a short distance from the residence of Haiti president Jovenel Moise.

"They came with heavily armed police to demolish my house without warning. Nobody explained to us why we must demolish these houses, " one of the home owners said.

According to news reports, the houses being demolished have a clear view of the courtyard of the residence of the president, something that poses a clear danger to the security of the president.

What do you think about that?

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Haiti Manifestation : GWO problem nan Pelerin 5 ozalantou...

Haiti Manifestation: GWO problem nan Pelerin 5 ozalantou rezidans President Jovenel Moise, leta ap demoli kay moun yo, met kay yo mande

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