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Many Haitians planning to see the return of the Haitian army in person on November 18th 2017

Many Haitians across the country are planning to go to Cap-Haitien Saturday November 18th, 2017, to see it live, the return of the Haitian army.

A Police Woman Murdered in Haiti

Croix-des-Bouquets Haiti - Another Haitian police officer, Alsshama Toussaint, was murdered this morning, Tuesday.

Haiti's Justice Minister condems acts of violence and vandalism in recent protest

Haiti's Ministry of justice has condemned strongly all of the acts of violence and vandalism that occurred during an opposition street protest Tuesday and promises to act.

Haiti President Martelly welcomes another meeting with Senate President Deras

Haiti Senate President Simon Dieuseul Desras announced his intentions recently to meet with President Martelly in order to discuss and help find a solution to the current political situation in country. President Michel Martelly says No problem...

Haiti - Martelly's Endorsement of Laurent Lamothe making more noise than "Caisse Leta-a Vid"

There is a rise the political temperature in Haiti - President Michel Martelly's supposed "endorsement" of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe as the next president of Haiti is creating a much bigger buzz than his previous statement that "Caisse leta-a Vid" (the state coffers are empty)

Is Haiti's Justice System trying to put some ORDER in the way Haitians Protest?

When you hear "Manifestation in Haiti," that means anything goes... When you hear "Pote Boure," manman pitit mare senti-w... Haitian protests feel like a street party where anything can happen... There is a band, there is music, dancing, and you can get away with just about anything... Haiti's Justice Minister, Jean Renel Sanon, is trying to put an end to that... Not the protest part which is a right that every citizen have but the "Carte blanche to do whatever you want" part...

Haitian North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau in FBI Handcuffs

Lucie Tondreau, the Haitian-American mayor of North Miami surrendered to the FBI early Tuesday, 20 May 2014, after being charged with Mortgage fraud... Minutes later she is seen walking out of the FBI building in handcuffs... Not a good thing for the residents of North Miami to see...

Haitian-American Mayor of North Miami gets a visit from the FBI with an Arrest Warrant

FLASH... Federal agents came knocking at the home of Haitian-American North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau Monday, May 19 2014, to charge her with mortgage fraud.... Say What??? Lucie Tondreau was not home at the time but the FBI had a warrant for her arrest...

Haiti - Anti-Martelly Attorney Andre Michel and Josue Merilien Detained in Mirebalais

News broke out in Haiti earlier today that famous Haitian anti-Martelly lawyer Andre Michel and Josue Merilien were detained in Mirebalais, Plateau Central, Haiti, by police en route to a meeting in Hinche... Why? What Happened? Here is the latest information we have...

Haiti - Installation ceremony of 10 new Judges of the Superior Court of Auditors

Haiti President Michel Martelly conducted the installation of ten (10) new Judges of the Cour Supérieure des Comptes et du Contentieux Administratif (CSCCA) this Monday, April 7, 2014... "You have a heavy responsibility to ensure consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of the use of public funds," President Martelly said during the installation...