Haiti Election Contestation - Maryse Narcisse challenges Jovenel Moise Votes at BCED

Haiti Elections Updates -- LAVALAS Candidate for President Maryse Narcisse has decided to challenge the votes of PHTK Candidate Jovenel Moise at the Bureau du Contentieux Électoral Départemental (BCED)...

Maryse Narcisse vs. Jovenel Moise
Maryse Narcisse vs. Jovenel Moise

According to the BCED director, Maryse Narcisse's CONTESTATION is based on massive vote frauds she claims was made in favor of the PHTK candidate which places him in the lead with over half million votes.

Note: This is the only legal challenge made against candidate Jovenel Moise at the BCED before the deadline amid accusations from all the candidates complaining in the streets...

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Pepe says...

Men, nou menm laplipa ayisyen nou gen anpil odas. Nou aksepte tout vye bagay sal pou degouden.

Se sak fe nap sipote Martelly nan tout tenten lap fe nan peyi a. Bann San won't. Martelly gen poul jije kanmenm.

Men, nou menm, bann souf nan tchou, LA nati gen poul kondane nou ak tout martelly ak tout rejim PHTK ( Piller Haiti dans tous les

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Turenne says...

Pourquoi les politiciens haïtien ont de la difficulté à accepter la défaite?

Quelqu'un pourrait-il m'expliquer s'il vous

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. I agree with Dr. Narcisse and I wish her the best in getting to the truth of this. Ayiti's people deserve good and honest/transparent governance.

They will not get it with the PHTK. Blessed

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Cheria says...

Typical stupid mentality! I think the reverse is true. They know they lost, and they no proof of fraud, so they hope yelling and screaming will intimidate the power's that be illegally name the losers the winner! I see no reason why you should not contest the vote if you truly feel that you won!! Everything else is just excuses excuses.

Jude Celestin and Moise Jean Charles lost. Jude should be lucky he made it this far. STop whining and making excuses and debate Jovenel like a man. SHow the Haitian people what you are made of and let them put this stupidity to rest once and for all when they vote en mass to repudiate Jude Celestin one last

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Pierrerosaire says...

Se pa sal gen yen li pawe lavalas sal sa yo

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Pecos says...

Peyi sa-a se yon bann moun tèt anba ki la dan

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Jp says...

jovenel pedi frin like pap kampe Pou limie

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Capone says...

I think that they don't wanna contest it because of the fact that the CEP will still be on Jovenel side and make him win the first round without even going to a second round Presidential Race. Just like they did for Senator

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Manu says...

al benyen non, manman

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Cheria says...

I am not against a formal complaint with proof.

She did it within the allotted 72 hours, so now let them review and tell her for the 100th she is a

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Subject: Haiti Election Contestation - Maryse Narcisse challenges Jovenel Moise Votes at BCED edit

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