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Haiti - Fanmi LAVALAS wants to overthrow President Jovenel Moise on 18 November

Haiti Elections - President Aristide di Pep la VOTE Maryse Narcisse Chavire Chodyè a, this is the new slogan Fanmi LAVALAS has just come up with to mean get rid of president Jovenel Moise and his government by any means necesary. more »

Haiti - Can Aristide Bring Maryse Narcisse closer to the presidency?

Eske ARISTIDE kapab fè MARYSE Narcisse Prezidan? The only time Lavalas presidential Candidate Maryse Nacisse really makes noise in the Haitian media is when ex-president Aristise comes out with her BUT is that enough to bring Maryse all the way to the National Palace as president of the republic? more »

FLASH: Haiti - Maryse Narcisse Claims she won the 2015 elections with 61 percent of the votes

Jude Celestin Sezi, Maryce Narcisse LAVALAS candidate for president Maryse Narcisse claims she won the 2015presidential elections with a whopping 61% of the votes after an official recount... more »

Haiti - There are only FOUR (4) Candidates for President out of the pile, Haitian Journalists Estimate

Haiti Presidentiel - Jovenel, Jude, Moise, Maryse Haiti Elections Update -- Out of the 27 candidates who re-registered to participate the presidential elecitons do-over, ONLY FOUR (4) Candidates really matter, Haitian journalists are saying... more »

SCOOP: Haiti - Tout kandida ZERO pousan ki al konfirme se deye lajan yo ye, declaration GPPC

Haiti Elections Caricature - Gade Kandida, gade kandida... Haiti - Jounalis Gary Pierre Paul Charles di: Tout kandida ZERO pousan ki al konfirme pou patisipe nan eleksyon se deye lajan yo ye... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Maryse Narcisse is READY to Confirm Participation

Haiti Elections - President Aristide di Pep la VOTE Maryse Narcisse FLASH: Haiti Elections - LAVALAS presidential candidate Maryse Narcisse announced on Facebook she is READY to confirm her participation in the October elections... more »

Haiti Elections - JOVENEL Moise will NOT be the only Candidate Kicked OUT of the Race, LAVALAS Schiller Louidor said

PHOTO : Schiller Louidor Reve Maryse Narcisse President Haiti Elections Update -- Fanmi LAVALAS believes they will WIN the presidency by process of elimination... Schiller Louidor a high member of the Lavalas party said Candidate Jovenel Moise will not be the only fraudster who will be kicked out of the presidential race... There are others and they will be kicked out as well, he said... more »

Haiti Elections - Politicians Meet at National Palace for Verification Commission

Happening now... Various politicians are meeting at National Palace to discuss the creation of a verification commission... According to news reports, Maryse Narcisse of Fanmi LAVALAS is in that meeting, so is Eric Jean Baptiste (Pere Eternel), member of the G8... more »

Haiti - LAVALAS Manifestation Monday 29 Feb, anniversary date of Aristide Coup d'Etat in 2004

Haiti Elections - Aristide Pran Lari ak Maryse Narcisse Denye Jou Kanpay Electoral la Haiti Politics -- Fanmi LAVALAS announced it will mobilize in the streets of Port-au-Prince Monday, 29 Feb 2016, to mark the 12 year anniversary date of Coup d'Etat against President Jean Bertrand Atistide back in 2004... more »

Haiti - President Aristide's Wife Shows Up at the National Palace for President Jocelerme Privert Installation

Mildred Trouillot-Aristide and Maryse Narcisse Haiti Politics Update -- Former President Aristide's Wife, first lady Mildred Aristide, and LAVALAS presidential candidate Maryse Marcisse we the big surprises of the evening at the official installation of Jocelerme Privert as provisional president at the National Palace... more »